Meet Jessica Rolph, Co-Founder and CEO at Early Learning Toy Company: Lovevery

Lovevery creates stage-based early learning toys. Its newest range, sold by subscription, helps parents feel confident they are giving their children the very best start. All of our playthings are designed in-house, and each Play Kit includes thoughtfully created toys that support all kinds of learning within a developmental window—language, math, physics, fine and gross motor skills, and social-emotional learning.

Children’s learning needs evolve so quickly—it’s hard to keep up and know how to help. The Play Guide that comes with each kit gives parents the right amount of nerdy, hard-to-find information about how to support their child’s development right now. The Guides offer practical, fun ways to play from experts in a wide range of disciplines, including pediatrics, occupational therapy and neuroscience.

We take a scientific approach in designing play essentials that make the most of each stage.
The Babbler Play Kit | Toys for 1-Year Olds | Lovevery

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The idea for Lovevery started when I became a first-time parent. One day I was watching my baby play with a purple plastic cow with flashing lights. The question was, why do toys like this exist and what do they do for development?

As co-founder of Happy Family, a baby food company, I was already interested in children’s health and development. I felt pretty confident about how my baby’s food was helping his body grow, but I wasn’t so sure about how his toys were helping his brain grow.

I discovered a doctoral thesis on infant brain development that had all these detailed, nerdy, things that I could do with my baby. The approach felt really natural and simple and I never looked at my children’s toys the same way again.

I am confident now that I understand what my children are hungry to learn at each stage. I want to share that feeling of confidence with other parents, and that’s the inspiration for Lovevery.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The pandemic was a turning point for us: our business growth accelerated, and we shifted into the mass market. Parents, looking for ways to navigate the challenges that came with raising young children during a time of upheaval and uncertainty, were open to trying something new. We were also able to take advantage of low customer acquisition costs while maintaining strong retention rates.

Our mission never changed. In fact, we doubled down, knowing parents needed our support more than ever. The pandemic has challenged all of us, but it has also brought Lovevery great opportunity—and solidified our commitment: to supporting families throughout early childhood.

What can we hope to see from Lovevery in the future?

Our early learning program has become an essential resource for parents in 30 markets worldwide. Our goal is to keep expanding, creating new products that serve children all over the world for more years of their early development. Our long-term vision is to support every part of the parenting experience throughout early childhood. We want to be truly accessible to as many families as possible.