Meet Jodie Kear, Founder at LGBTQ+ Businesses Directory: queerys

queerys is an online platform launched to help the LGBTQ+ community find safer services and places across the UK. The platform is designed to highlight inclusive locations anytime, anywhere, whilst pushing the pink pound back into the community.

Inclusive businesses from across all sectors and industries, can list their services on the directory to show potential customers they are welcoming and LGBTQ+ friendly. They are added to the queerys map so potential customers can easily find them in whatever location they are looking for. The directory also provides filters that can be used where to refine searches for gender neutral or trans friendly businesses for example. The aim is to help everyone feel comfortable and secure in the services they are using, no matter how they define themselves.

As an LGBTQ+ friendly business, it can be difficult to let new customers know that you are an inclusive and safe space, and as an LGBTQ+ person, it can be difficult when heading to a new place to know which businesses are friendly, and which aren’t.
Jodie Kear - Founder - Queerys | LinkedIn

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

queerys was not the original plan when started helping LGBTQ+ businesses back in January 2021.I originally started an online network called ‘Support LGBTQ+ Businesses and it grew really fast on Facebook and Instagram. Within six months we had over 6000 members and businesses were collaborating and we I was getting lots of messages saying how fantastic it is to have such a platform.

Over the months I would get more and more messages from people asking me to sign post them in the direction of a business that I knew would be helpful and respectful of their identity and needs. For example, through the network I met a friend called, Andreia, who was just starting her transitioning journey and wanted to know a hairdresser who would be supportive to her needs.

It became increasingly evident that a site like queerys was required countless other requests similar to Andreia’s. This was something many people were struggling with and it only seemed right that I tried to do something about this and queerys was born.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The pandemic really was the driving force behind the directory. With everything that was going on in the world I became increasingly aware of how privileged I was not to be financially impacted by the lockdowns and COVID itself. Afterall my job as an ambulance dispatcher was secure and lockdown was never going to affect me working, so I decided I wanted to do something to help the businesses you could see on the news struggling.

During the pandemic a lot of people and businesses needed help. Everyone was looking for a sense of connection and a place to belong, so started looking online for advice and a place to belong. This is why so many people responded so positively to the network and as the pandemic continued, help it evolve and highlight the huge demand and need for a platform like queerys.

What can we hope to see from queerys in the future?

I’m hoping queerys can encourage more LGBTQ+ businesses to collaborate in the future. We are already seeing this happening now, for example there is a candle maker in York who was trying to get his candles seen. queerys helped him get in touch with an inclusive guest house in the same area and the owner of the guest house contacted me a few days later saying they loved his products and he would be supplying the guest house with candles moving forward.

I felt so happy that I had done something to help and that people within the community were supporting each other. I’m hoping queerys can offer the chance for more collaborations like that to take place moving forward.

I also believe queerys will be most valuable to the transgender community and non-binary people. The public are still struggling to get behind pronouns and the fact there are more than two genders and I hope the platform can encourage people who are not in the community to think about how they can provide a safe space and service and be actively supportive. Homophobia is very much alive and was very much present on a sponsored ad queerys launched on social media. This just encouraged me more to push forward with the directory.