Meet John Aghayan, Founder and CEO at EMCEE: A New Free Platform For Influencer-Led Sales


EMCEE is the cutting-edge platform that is revolutionizing online retail by helping influencers monetize their audience 24/7. With EMCEE, influencers can create a passive income by easily curating an online storefront with the products they love the most.

EMCEE recognizes that today’s most powerful retailers are influencers and offers them an online sales platform where they can expose brands to new audiences and garner sales around the clock. On their storefronts, Emcees (as we call our influencers) upload their imagery and product descriptions allowing shoppers to get a UGC e-commerce experience, offering a much more personal feeling than traditional product shots. In addition to listing products from EMCEE partner brands on their storefronts, Emcees can sell other items in their EMCEE storefronts like a vintage T-shirt from their closet or a 30-minute ask-me-anything session with their fans.

And, Emcees can update their storefront whenever they want on their mobile device. The platform offers a one-stop-shop for all influencer links – Emcees’ storefront page can house all relevant link-in-bio links, such as personal websites, social media handles, and more, which Emcees can then include their storefront URL in their bios on all of their social platforms for maximum exposure.

EMCEE serves as a catalyst for audiences to discover new products and brands. For brands, EMCEE provides a new distribution channel, offering greater reach than wholesale and where brands get to keep all customer data. EMCEE is directly integrated with brands’ operating systems, allowing shoppers the ability to add multiple retailers into one cart and eliminating the need for promo codes or being redirected to numerous sites. And on top of it all, EMCEE is actively onboarding a variety of brands each week.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

With a background in the fashion and retail industry, I witnessed on the one hand a gap in the wholesale model and was determined to create an alternative distribution model, and on the other hand, I noticed a flawed subscription business model. Subs make it difficult for followers to support multiple influencers simultaneously.

And, data shows fans want to patronize their favorite creators. With EMCEE, we found a way for fans to support their favorite creators and in exchange receive something more tangible than a paid subscription.


How is EMCEE revolutionising the industry?

EMCEE allows influencers to create a passive income and have access to brands not typically available in other affiliate networks. Ultimately, the EMCEE platform makes it as easy as possible for influencers to curate their own online multi-brand storefronts without the headaches that come with running an online business.

For shoppers, EMCEE allows them to add multiple brands in one cart – no need to have multiple site redirections. For brands, EMCEE allows them to retain all consumer data, integrate in less than a minute, choose commission structures and have their products seen by new eyes around the world through Emcee’s storefronts. And, brands get instant access to a much larger audience than they would with traditional wholesale – an audience that is both targeted and warmed up to the idea of making a purchase.

Compared to the subscription economy, EMCEE provides an alternative patronage model that minimizes the costs of supporting several creators at once and receive something tangible in exchange.

What can we expect to see from EMCEE in the future?

The most innovative loyalty program ever created.