Meet Jonas Angleflod, Group CEO at Scale-up Accelerator: Theories Group

Theories group started from the theory that there must be ways to leverage technology to create global businesses, overnight, in already established markets with a programmatic approach.

The first output was a startup that built a Content Management Platform for publishing web pages in 70+ languages, automatically. That became Deployr.

From that technology, a business monetising it within affiliate marketing got started. That became Cliqer.

Those two startups became the foundation of Theories Group, which now is a startup accelerator that has the ambition to fund and build startups to leverage technology within our business space: automating monetisation of high-intent digital traffic using technology and AI. Or to put it simply, create technology that allows content creators to make money.


What makes Theories Group unique?

First of all, we have a very narrow space we invest in. We only focus on building technologies and companies that help content creators to make money, preferably aimed at markets where there already is a demand.

We have identified areas of content creation that can and will be automated over the coming years. Compared to other accelerators we are actively looking for entrepreneurs and startups within our focus areas which are for example opportunity identification, content creation, content syndication and localisation. This makes us more like a venture firm that actively seeks up opportunities within the spaces we have identified, instead of waiting for someone to knock on our door or apply to a yearly program. We also work hands-on, daily, with all our companies compared to other accelerators where you get a bit of monthly coaching.


How has Theories Group evolved over the last couple of years?

We have evolved from a startup in a basement with just a few people bootstrapping a company around a theory, into a venture group that aims to build great automation businesses within the content space. The pace of change has been quite fast the last year which is creating a lot of opportunities for us as a group and for all employees within our companies.

Theories group has doubled in size year over year over the last 3 years and created a healthy profit which we reinvest in our current and new ventures. We aim to start a handful of new ventures over the next 12 months where we can put 5, 10 or 100x on the output for creators.

What can we hope to see from Theories Group in the future?

AI and large-scale computing have made it possible for us to realise our theories and try them out in the real world. In the near future, there will be new ventures launched that maximise the output of already created content for content creators which helps them go global in a more localised way, at scale. It might sound a bit up in the clouds but the possibility of a single content creator being able to create content that has a local appeal, in 50+ markets, is going to be a reality. Of course, we hope to have public success with one of our ventures, claiming some fame within their space, but that would be the icing on the cake. We are building our ventures for our entrepreneurs, their customers and their employees first of all.