Meet Jonathan Elliott, Managing Director at Healthcare Informatics Provider: Epro

Epro provides products and services that enable clinical efficiency and a better patient experience. Epro is centered around useability: we’re not delivering clinical care, we’re there to help them along.

Our technology offers increased availability of clinical information, in an accessible format, which is captured as efficiently as possible at minimal cost to the organisation. We support end-to-end outpatient patient management, inpatient flow, clinical correspondence, speech recognition, mobile access and integration with existing technology solutions. We have focussed on clever design to ensure information is surfaced quickly and enables clinicians to make informed decisions in a timely fashion.

Alongside our core products, we also offer services which include system integration, implementation training, and around-the-clock support and maintenance. We are also proud to drive the best standards in clinical usability to create bespoke software which meets individual requirements of our core NHS client base. Finally, our products are built with an understanding of both the clinical and organisational needs of our customers and the need to provide ROI in digital transformation investments.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Epro was created when our founder was working in dermatology in 2003. Clinicians didn’t always have information easily available. There was a mismatch back then with a lack of recorded information to support the process. Our founder envisioned having a simple solution to this which would address the intrinsic interoperability and a lack of fit-for-purpose solutions in the system. Efficiency still remains a significant issue amongst clinicians in the NHS, and so our mission is to remedy this.

Today, Epro supports 50,000+ users across 14 NHS trusts, including Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust; Somerset NHS Foundation Trust; and The Christie NHS Foundation Trust.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Over the last couple of years, we have seen the company grow exponentially. During the pandemic, the need for clinical efficiency, improved correspondence, and patient information workflows was increased. Therefore, the demand for EPR adoption surged – which put many less digitally mature Trusts in a difficult position.

They are facing new pressures to accelerate digital transformation, and they need achievable, affordable, proven digital solutions that can deliver frontline change very quickly; we are here to address that challenge and be that solution.

What can we hope to see from Epro in the future?

We’re incredibly excited for the future of Epro; we are on a journey of significant growth, with a number of exciting announcements in the near future, including partnerships and a new Carbon Neutral status.

In terms of future-gazing, we definitely see integration in healthcare systems as a thing of the future, and the beauty of Epro is that we have built a flexible patient healthcare toolkit for management information. Digital transformation has ever-changing nuances, and we embody that. It’s no-doubt a big challenge – the disruptive journey that we’re on – but we’re excited to be at the forefront of it.