Meet Jordan Cullen, Founder and Director at Cullen Jewellery

Cullen Jewellery is a company I founded in 2018 that specialises in premium lab-grown diamond and moissanite engagement rings. We’re a digital-first Australian company that has disrupted the traditional diamond and jewellery industry by only using ethical lab-grown gemstones and offering an approachable customer experience. Both of these have been rooted in our constant innovation, which has also led us to recently launch our new state-of-the-art website (

At Cullen Jewellery, all our products are made-to-order and customised to the customer’s unique specifications. We also insist on giving back through various social initiatives, which include sponsoring children in Africa, planting trees, offsetting carbon, and donating to important causes such as breast cancer awareness. A combination of these factors has made us the fastest-growing jeweller in Australia.


What do you think makes this company unique?

Three things. Firstly, we embody our values. By not using mined diamonds and being approachable, Cullen Jewellery has shifted away from the costly product lines and intimidating experience customers face when purchasing engagement rings from traditional retailers.

Secondly, our social media and PR strategy allow us to leverage our digital strengths to ensure that we are reaching our younger demographic consistently. What is helpful is that this demographic appreciates affordability and how we shun mined diamonds unlike other insincere retailers, who opportunistically still sell them.

Thirdly, while Cullen Jewellery is modern in all the right ways, we are likewise old-fashioned in all the right ways, such as by ensuring quality over profit and reliability over shortcuts. Customer experience drives all our decisions, and we prioritise the long-term outlook. Some modern businesses have destructive business models, aiming to get in and out quickly to maximise returns without considering the harm or trail of destruction caused. Cullen Jewellery wants to leave a positive legacy and take care of its customers.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

We have grown exponentially, seeing over 400% annual growth since I founded the brand in 2018. As a result, we are seeing much more sales and staff coming in, which has allowed us to bolster our product range and invest more in research and development.

As we are growing quickly yet intentionally, we are currently peerless because we have better suppliers and economies of scale than smaller jewellers and don’t compromise on quality like bigger jewellers.

What can we hope to see from Cullen Jewellery in the future?

Moving forward, you can expect steady linear growth from Cullen Jewellery. This means continuing to gain market share in the moissanite and lab-grown diamond engagement ring space. As a result, we’ll have more happy customers worldwide in line with our 100% customer satisfaction rate, especially as we expect to open more showrooms in Australia and internationally in the next few years.

You can also expect us to lead by example towards a more transparent and compassionate jewellery industry. The standards we set are becoming the benchmark, putting pressure on other jewellers with problematic supply chains and unsustainable business practices to do better to meet this crucial environmental moment we are in. Through its eco-friendly products and positive social impact, Cullen Jewellery has and will continue to shine a light on these issues to ensure that the jewellery industry is beautiful on the inside, too.