Meet Jordan Richards, Ex-Google Apprentice and Founder & CEO at Digital Design Agency: RCCO

RCCO is a creative company for tech pioneers, from giants like Google to exciting start-ups with investment. We unlock creativity for businesses enabling them to launch products, raise investment and increase revenue.

Our design and development teams support the key elements for growth including branding, web & app, video and presentations.


What do you think makes RCCO unique?

We really care about our quality and service, with a small team of 18 in-house. Yet with our tight-knit family, we are able to bring deep tech experience having partnered with 20 brands at Google globally and enabled start-ups like to sell for over $100M.

Our ability to understand complex products and simplify them with creativity means that businesses can grow and scale faster.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

We have grown to work with a variety of over 50 tech brands from consumer apps to AI for Ad Tech. Our team has been perfecting the exact creative formulas a business needs based on its goal – making it easier to understand what is required at each step of the journey.

We now offer not only project-based services but also a bolt-on monthly partnership for brands to add a creative team easily to their business. We have also hired further expertise in digital from brands like Tesla, Accenture Digital, and Google.

What can we hope to see from RCCO in the future?

We have supported many tech brands in launching and building really epic apps – we have the skills in house from brand to UX to development. Our goal in the future is leverage this and create a pillar of the team that is dedicated to incubating app ideas.

We’d like to be able to offer people the chance to joint-venture with us at no cost, using our skills and knowledge to make their idea a global success. We also are really passionate about giving back, I’d like to further extend our apprenticeship opportunities, as that is how I started my career – not going to university and getting stuck into learning on the job with an apprenticeship at Google.

Finally, I understand that our knowledge and breadth of offerings is expanding and therefore I’d like to co-found further sister companies that provide specialist expertise for our clients. Such as our two existing sister companies, WILD Film for video and animation production, and Brickyz for scalable no-code website and app development.