Meet Kady Srinivasan, Chief Marketing Officer at ePOS and Payment Platform: Lightspeed

Tell us about Lightspeed?

Lightspeed is a unified ePOS and payments platform for ambitious entrepreneurs to accelerate growth, provide the best customer experiences and become a go-to destination in their space.

Our customers are industry leaders at the cutting edge of retail and hospitality. From Michelin-star restaurants and spa resorts to multi-location retailers, Lightspeed powers sophisticated businesses making up the fabric of the world’s most culturally rich cities.

What do you think makes Lightspeed unique?


Recently, Lightspeed launched a UK first, Advanced Insights; a real-time data solution to reduce waste, boost customer loyalty and retain staff in the hospitality industry. Currently the only solution on the market of its kind, it uses data from both guest transactions and restaurant operations through embedded payment processing to feed a predictive algorithm that provides actionable insights in real-time.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?


Over the past several years Lightspeed’s been executing its One Lightspeed plan which included integrating several strategic acquisitions into and launching Lightspeed’s flagship restaurant and retail ePOS and payments platforms. The company launched back in 2005 and has since grown exponentially; we’re now available in over 100 countries and are implemented in around 168,000 hospitality and retail business locations. Being around for so long has meant we have huge experience across a vast number of markets, which is what makes Lightspeed’s journey so unique.

With this behind us, at the start of this fiscal year we began implementing the next stage of our One Lightspeed strategy and we are on track to achieve several significant milestones that will further grow our business and establish a leadership position as the ePOS and payments platform of choice for established, multi-location retail and hospo businesses with 500k+ revenues.


What can we hope to see from Lightspeed in the future?


Looking ahead, we’ll be focusing on the global roll out for Unified Lightspeed Payments and ePOS, which not only will improve operations for our customers and their consumers and be a major revenue driver for Lightspeed.

Restating the promise we made to our customers, investors, hospitality professionals and retailers worldwide, we’ll continue focusing on developing our flagship products to always stay at the forefront of innovation. Implementing Lightspeed allows our customers to be competitive at all times while scaling their business and increasing their revenue, no matter what hits them.

There’s so much room for growth and we plan to expand the brand as quickly as possible and fulfil our mission of helping our customers achieve their potential. We’re just getting started, so watch this space!