Meet Keiran Hewkin, Co-Founder at Homeware Business: Swyft Home

Swyft CEO

Swyft Home is a vertically integrated D2C homewares business that specialises in the supply of next day, high quality, large ticket price items for the UK home market. Including sofas and soon to be beds!
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Well I have been involved in furniture for nearly 10 years now and the one common theme across all of it, retail, bespoke, high end, or high street is that it is a really archaic proposition for the consumer. If you are lucky it is a 12 week wait, although often longer, then it does not fit, then the after sales service is terrible.

It was miserable enough to work within businesses like this that continually failed to meet consumer expectations let alone be the customer on what we now term the “Journey of disappointment”. There are now other companies that have a similar proposition to us, which is great. But what makes swyft unique is the vertical integration, we make, ship and sell all our own product.

And do all the after sales ourselves, so no matter what or where you buy a swyft product our experts and team are the engine behind it. This allows us to innovate quicker, launching major new models every few months and new colours as quickly as we see the need.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Well we are only just over 2 years old so a lot! We have scaled our footprint, our workforce and our product range as well as partnering with some major UK retailers such as John Lewis, who share our customer obsession. We have also moved to limit our impact on the environment by offsetting all of our carbon (we aim to offset 200%) with Ecologi.

What can we hope to see from Swyft in the future?

Firstly, consistency, this is a vast industry that is very fragmented. We want to be successful in the long term and there for our customers. So we will continue to provide a great service and add considered new products to our portfolio that create value for our customers.

So that when the time comes for a new piece in your home you think back to the Swyft experience you had before and come to us as your first point of call