Meet Kevin Blackburn, Co-Founder and Director at eCommerce Fulfilment Platform: Systemise Fulfilment

Kevin Blackburn,

Me and my partner Kylie founded Systemise Fulfilment in late 2016. This came after setting up a side hustle at home from a family apprentice challenge in June 2015, where we bought and sold products online, which quickly grew to sell over £100,000 of products.

After quitting our careers, we began sharing the processes and systems we were developing in our warehouse on YouTube. This began to highlight a gap in the market for eCommerce entrepreneurs looking to use a prep and order fulfilment service to ship their products – to help them take advantage of the exponentially expanding eCommerce industry.

Systemise Fulfilment was then born, to provide Amazon FBA and eCommerce companies with a quick and simple one-stop solution for prep and order fulfilment needs, to operate across major global eCommerce markets.

We handle everything from receipt and product inspections to preparation, quality control, storage, shipping and order processing.

The business has grown rapidly and we now have multiple warehouse facilities in the UK and across the globe.


What do you think makes this company unique?

Systemise Fulfilment has a rapidly deployable licensing model which can be replicated to new or existing operational warehouses located in all major global markets, without the traditional high Capex requirement.

Our approach gives retail businesses and brands the platform to take advantage of increasing eCommerce trends across the world’s largest marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart, whilst providing order fulfilment for their direct customers.

We’ve developed a unique processing system designed to allow our talented teams to achieve the core values to serve our customers; communication, speed of shipping and quality control.

We provide extensive business development support with our growth-related resources, tools, training, templates and community. To date, we’ve nearly 10,000 YouTube Subscribers, over 4,000 entrepreneurs in our Facebook Group and hosted multiple in-person & virtual events.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

The last couple of years have been significant. In 2020 we moved our HQ in Scunthorpe from a 2,000sqFT to a 10,000sqFT warehouse. Shortly after we opened our first two licensed warehouses in the US, in New Jersey and Wisconsin.

Last year we opened a licensed warehouse in the Czech Republic and expanded in the UK, opening a licensed warehouse in Bournemouth. This April, we opened another licensed warehouse near Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Over 24 people have joined our team in the past two years and we’ve expanded our training and coaching programmes further.

What can we hope to see from Systemise Fulfilment in the future?

We’ve designed a clear vision for Systemise Fulfilment whereby 2030, we aim to have expanded to more countries, such as Australia, India, Canada and the Middle East, Dubai.

To achieve this goal, we’ll continue recruiting talented and passionate people and keep innovating in our operations to provide the highest quality service. We’ll also begin to introduce complimentary services such as in-house logistics, direct to consumer sales, and further cutting edge training and experiences.