Meet Lee Purvis, CEO and Co-Founder at Recruitment Tech Company: TheJobApp

TheJobApp, is a next-generation app set to change the temp recruitment industry and revolutionise shift working in the UK. The unique proposition will support businesses by sourcing the best shift workers quickly and effectively allowing them to seamlessly manage their staff requirements while offering highly motivated shift workers a chance to be paid immediately after they finish their shift. As the economy starts to bounce back from the global pandemic it has become more vital than ever that businesses have access to a flexible and reliable workforce as demand can fluctuate on a daily basis.

The new app allows businesses to easily find local shift workers who match their specific criteria and even has a star rating so you can quickly source the most reliable staff. Currently businesses have to use their own networks or expensive temp agencies who often can’t meet their specific requirements. As TheJobApp is a fully automated solution it is much more cost-effective for businesses in the UK.

The app is also offering to pay shift workers immediately after their shifts which will not only increase motivation but also increase the demand for shift work, making it a much more attractive proposition and opening up opportunities to more demographics with the reward of instant cash. The increased demand will allow the recruiters on the app to handpick the best matched staff for their shift knowing they will be keen to impress to ensure their salary is received immediately.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Having previously been in the Royal Navy, I started my commercial career working in security and protection and quickly established myself in the industry leading to working with numerous high-profile individuals both in the UK and globally. As my career progressed in this sector, I used my experience to launch my own successful security business which meant I had to manage hundreds of staff at high-profile events including the London Olympics in 2012.

Juggling so many staff, often on temporary contracts, I felt was overly complicated and current solutions were unreliable and far too expensive. I began to think there has to be a simple tech solution that can make the process easier for everyone involved. This is when I met fellow co-founder Guy Pickard, who also managed huge volumes of security staff, and was also disillusioned with the recruitment industry. Between us we set about inventing a better way for businesses to not only source shift workers but also ensure they are reliable and motivated.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Having just launched the app we haven’t had to negotiate the pandemic, but we have tailored our offering to ensure it reflects the need of the current market allowing firms to source the best shift workers quickly and effectively whilst seamlessly managing their staff requirements.

As the economy starts to bounce back from the global pandemic more than 1.1 million jobs in the UK currently remain vacant as thousands of businesses are navigating a fluctuating market and huge spikes in demand. This recovery period has made the appetite for a cost-effective and simple solution to source the best shift workers even more vital than when we originally started building TheJobApp.

What can we hope to see from TheJobApp in the future?

We are delighted to be launching TheJobApp to help businesses across the UK with a cost-effective solution and also offering millions of shift workers the chance to earn a salary as soon as their shift finishes. We are already amazed to see the appetite from businesses for our unique proposition and workers are delighted to have a solution that offers an immediate payment after they finish their shift. In the short term we are going to continue raising the brands profile and introducing the app to UK businesses and workers.

As the business grows, we will be developing the app further to offer more market-leading solutions to continue modernising and simplifying the recruitment sector. Watch this space to find out more.