Meet Levin Wense, CEO and Co-Founder at MVP Match, A Matchmaking Platform For Companies and Freelancers

MVP Match is a marketplace for premium IT talent in EMEA, disrupting traditional tech recruiting. We offer solutions for all kinds of talent needs: freelance talent to bridge capacity and skill gaps quickly, perm talent for more predictable hiring needs and nearshore teams to build teams in best-value-for-money regions at 20-40% less cost.
Hire Elite Freelancers That Match Your Ambitions - MVP Match

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

We saw a lot of amazing founders with great ideas for digital products around us fail because they could not hire the right team around them.

Companies struggle to identify what talent they need and how to attract them. At the same time talent struggles to identify the right companies and roles for them. They want to make their next career move, but end up in jobs that do not fulfill them and do not help them grow professionally.

It’s a translation gap issue. What companies advertise online is not what they really need and what talent says they are good at is often not their true strength.

Match helps bridge this gap by using technical expertise to screen and understand both talent and companies. We match the two sides together into high performing teams.


Why have you decided to focus on freelancers and Remote Work talents?

Talent is equally distributed around the globe, while opportunity is not. The infrastructure for remote work is becoming better and enables companies and talent to collaborate easily regardless of location.

Perm core teams augmented by freelance talent are optimal for agile ways of working. Bringing in freelancers to work on jobs, for which they bring the perfect skill set, means better outcomes for the company and a more fulfilling experience for the talent.

Access to global talent allows companies to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

What do you think makes MVP Match unique?

We make better matches through a quantified tech screening and matching process designed and supported by ex-CTOs and CPOs. We assemble individuals into diverse, truly functional teams that complement themselves in technical competence, communicate effectively and also share the same working culture. We also create trust through our transparent pricing. No side feels like they are leaving money to the middleman.

We enable the future of work by offering global freelance, perm, and nearshore talent plus an Employer of Record service on one platform.

What can we hope to see from MVP Match in the future?

We’re building out our nearshore team offering, opening more hubs across EMEA (Egypt, Eastern Europe, and more).

We will expand our tech platform to enable end-to-end digital matching between talent and companies, moving towards the ultimate marketplace experience and bringing 10x more companies and talent on the platform.

In the long term, we want to use data & AI to match companies and talent at scale. Our vision is simple: as a talent you get three job suggestions that you love, regardless if freelance or perm, that enable you to do your next best career move before you even decide to start looking.

As a company you tell us what you want to achieve and what skills you already have on your existing team. Match helps you decide what additional roles and skills you need on your team to get there. For each of these roles we then give you three perfectly matching candidates to build your perfect team and make your vision reality.