Meet Liran Hason, CEO at ML Observability Platform: Aporia

Liran Hason

Aporia provides full-stack ML Observability for organizations to trust their AI and use it responsibly. With AI being adopted across almost every industry, including healthcare, financial services, automotive, and others, it’s important for organizations to have visibility on whether their ML models are accurate and fair, and don’t negatively impact their customers and business.

Without essential guardrails in place, ML models can significantly impact business continuity, resulting in revenue loss or even create unintentional bias that affects society at large – such as with Amazon’s HR model that unintentionally discriminated against female candidates. Aporia empowers businesses to adopt AI in a safe and responsible way by allowing them to customize monitoring for their AI within minutes and track how models are performing in the real world.

What do you think makes Aporia unique?

Aporia is the most advanced ML observability platform – offering a plug-n-play solution that enables data science and ML teams to centralize and visualize all of their models. Aporia is the only solution that provides users with live and clear visibility into the impact the models produce for the business, ensuring that organizations are up-to-date on the value that their machine learning is driving for the business.

With Aporia’s first in class suite of observability tools and frameworks, organizations are able to accelerate ML adoption and start translating their machine learning predictions to revenue from day one.


How has Aporia evolved over the last couple of years?

Aporia has experienced exponential growth, highlighted by significant expansion in the US. Industry leaders and top tech companies like Bosch, Lemonade, and Armis, leverage Aporia to monitor and explain billions of model predictions. Today at any given time, Aporia is being used to monitor hundreds of different models. With the expansion, the Aporia team has nearly tripled in the past year and continues to grow.

As the leading innovator of the MLOps market, Aporia pioneered the self-serve ML monitoring platform and monitoring for NLP models. By working closely with data science and ML teams, Aporia was the first to cement full customization for its users at its core, in order to facilitate observability for their unique models and use cases, and showcase the value of their models in production. This is just a taste of how Aporia’s tech stack has evolved – stay tuned there’s a lot more to come.

What can we hope to see from Aporia in the future?

As the MLOps space matures, and new regulations and compliance are introduced across industries for the build and use of AI, Aporia is positioned to lead the charge as the ML observability platform helping businesses ensure their AI can be trusted and drive value.

AI already plays a big part in our daily lives, from loan applications to automated hiring processes. This is just the tip of the iceberg for how AI is going to improve our society, and Aporia is an integral part of accelerating AI adoption in a responsible way.