Meet Lisa Hau, Chief Strategy Officer At In-Game Advertising and Game Monetisation Platform: Bidstack

Bidstack’s technology enables monetisation, content management and analytics for the gaming industry. Monetisation in games through advertising currently represents only 1% of global media spend. Bidstack’s technology houses all advertising formats that empower game developers to enhance the authenticity of their virtual environments with placement of advertising. Our proprietary data also provides deep insights into player behaviours and trends.

The advertising industry has begun to recognise and standardise gaming as a media channel, such as TV, OOH, digital and audio. The favourable market tailwinds are reflected in combinations such as Unity and Ironsource which is evidence of the growing importance of providing the game developer community with monetisation solutions.
Enabling in-game advertising and video game monetisation - Bidstack

What sets Bidstack apart from its competitors?

Bidstack’s competitive advantage is being first to market in 2017 with the announcement of Sega’s Football Manager developed by Sports Interactive. This marks the case study and proof of concept for the industry as brand safe experiences were dynamically, seamlessly and contextually placed.

Bidstack’s proprietary technology is easy to integrate into live or yet-to-be-launched game franchises, which provides a new sustainable and complementary revenue stream for game developers. Bidstack’s tools further enable self-serve cross-promotion, allowing publishers to utilise virtual spaces within their existing games catalogue to promote and market new titles or commercial partnerships.

Bidstack’s addressable audience has rapidly grown through a strategic approach of working with AAA titles that are reinforced by the scale of mobile titles with global reach. AAA are the ‘movies’ and mobile are the ‘tv networks’. We are a Unity Verified Solution where our SDK will be available in the Unity Asset store for game developers to integrate which will amplify scale. Our leadership position and moat is reflected in the superiority of the technology and commercial partnerships.

I am also very proud to highlight that the calibre of talent we have attracted is exceptional. This is evident across all facets of the business. We have recently onboarded a proven and experienced team in the US who ran a $300m top line business, who are already making a significant impact.


How has the company evolved over the years?

The pace of evolution within the past 2.5 years has been at breakneck speed. This is a confluence of the ambition of our team to dominate, market dynamics and focused execution.

The KPIs across the board show significant progress in regards to month on month growth of MAUs, roster of brands, campaign sizes, active markets and programmatic sales. We anticipate a breakthrough next year given the catalysts for revenue such as the roll out of the open marketplace, cross pollination, software licensing opportunities and global expansion.

Bidstack is also the best funded relative to peers, at more than $42m since inception. We have recently closed an $11m round with a strategic investor Iderto, a world leader in digital platform cybersecurity. The raise is an exceptional result given the current environment and is a testament to Bidstack’s compelling investment case.

What can we hope to see from Bidstack in the future?

Bidstack is at an exciting inflection point in regards to the delivery of our global plan where the US will represent over 60%+ of our revenue from 2023 and beyond.

There are also opportunities where Bidstack is white-labelling its technology to enterprise customers such as Adways Inc in Japan, and MMP Worldwide in the Middle-East. These software-as-a-service deals are accretive and gaining momentum despite being early-stage in execution. There are irons in the fire, with some of the most recognisable names in the gaming industry, which is something we are collectively proud of.

This highlights the attractiveness of the serviceable addressable market that Bidstack operates in, applications of our technology and also the growing interest from commercial partners that range from game developers, ad-tech, platforms and rights holders. Over the medium term our conviction remains strong that the console environment remains an untapped opportunity.

Our technology is versatile and the world is moving towards us. Our focus is on enabling and enriching the game developer ecosystem with mass adoption of our technology to own the market we have created.