Meet Luka Gubo, CEO at Investment Platform: Equito

Equito is a fully regulated, all-in-one investment platform, where investors can diversify their investments in the private and public market. Investors can back private and public companies, products, projects, real estate, and other asset-classes that they believe in and want to see succeed. The platform is currently focused on Central European markets that still lag behind their US and Asian market counterparts.

To offer unique and promising projects for investors, Equito has developed a new crowdfunding model which helps companies raise money from a more targeted group of investors (customers, business clubs, institutional and retail investors etc.). Equito takes care of all aspects of the crowdfunding campaign for a business, from establishing initial goals to promotion and execution.

Additionally, Equito provides investors with educational content on the platform to help them improve their investing skills. We also have plans to publish unique investment courses aimed at developers and other highly skilled professions to develop their investment knowledge.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

My background is in trading, investing and risk management, so I’m very familiar with the challenges that businesses and investors face. One of the biggest issues is limited access to finance for small and medium-sized companies. From prohibitively high fees to complex and laborious application processes, there has been no viable way for both potential investors and smaller companies to collaborate in building a strong SME economy.

Financing models like bank loans, venture capital or traditional crowdfunding have historically failed to meet the demands of smaller businesses in Europe compared to the US and Asian markets. Limited access to SME investment opportunities, an overly complicated crowdfunding market, low profitability of crowdfunding models, and minimal resources for investment research have left businesses and prospective investors at a loss on how best to source or offer financing.

Equito was born out of a desire to solve this problem – connecting the right businesses with the right investors to get the highest returns.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

We have focused on developing the platform into something that we can be proud of when it officially launches. In order to do this, over the last couple years, we have raised more than 22 million euros in capital for several small and medium-sized companies. We wanted to be sure that our platform would be able to meet the needs of different types of investors and small and medium-sized businesses across European markets.

The fact that we were able to raise this amount of money demonstrates how raising funds from retail investors and other investors who have a special interest in the industry can be a much more effective strategy than traditional crowdfunding where investors have little to no interest in the industry they are investing in.

What can we hope to see from Equito in the future?

Having received our MiFID II license in May 2022, the next step is launching our platform and closing new crowdfunding deals based on our crowdfunding model.

In the second phase of our launch, scheduled to start later this year, the Equito platform will be extended to public markets, offering investors the opportunity to invest in traditional exchanges and other asset classes – all within the Equito ecosystem. We have a busy year ahead, but we are always looking for new and interesting projects to get involved in. So, watch this space!

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