Meet Maja Schaefer, CEO and Co-Founder at Ecommerce Chatbot: Zowie

Zowie removes customer service bottlenecks and helps grow faster while improving customer satisfaction. On average, within just a few clicks, our technology automates 30% of customer service inquiries like “Where is my package”, “How to change my shipping address”, or “How do I make a return”.

We automate these repetitive questions so that customer support agents can focus on meaningful questions that actually require human touch and attention.

Zowie doesn’t just identify problems; it also suggests solutions. It’s super easy and quick to launch, since integration doesn’t require an in-house IT department.

I co-founded Zowie in 2019 with Matt Ciolek, Zowie’s COO Our first customer was a publicly listed multinational company, which caught the attention of investors. In September 2020, we raised a $600k+ seed round from Inovo Venture Partners and business angels. Today, we power businesses like L’Oreal, InPost, Aviva, Avon, and Brainly.
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What is the drive behind Zowie and what role do you play in this?

As consumers, we buy online more than ever. In 2020, accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, ecommerce grew as much as it did in the decade before. Whether it’s services or physical goods, many of the interactions of today’s physical world will be digitized. Zowie helps online store owners to create amazing customer experiences, providing accurate and fast help.

Long wait times, missing information, and other customer service issues are prevalent in today’s digital customer support and we aim to change that.

We built Zowie to empower customer service teams to do their job better, by building tools that give them superpowers.

What advice would you give to other aspiring business leaders?

Do not overlook your customer service. This department is now the best place where you find inspiration for product development, understand your customer on a deeper level, and spot inefficiencies within your organization – so make sure you harness all this data and fix root causes of many questions.

What is Zowie working on and what can we hope to see in the future?

Zowie’s future is enabling better support experience and powering smart decisions for businesses that sell online. Whether it’s through automation or diagnosis–we want to give all customer service teams and entrepreneurs tools that are easy to use and powerful.

We recently announced our partnership with Zendesk, the SaaS customer service platform. I’m proud that Zowie will be available to more businesses to improve their customer experience and customer support.

Building on our Zendesk partnership, we just announced the launch of Zowie Diagnostics. This is a first-of-its-kind, free tool that analyses help desk data to provide actionable insights. Zendesk’s customers can use Zowie Diagnostics to get a transparent diagnosis on their automation potential, most repetitive questions and other inefficiencies.

It answers all the most pressing questions around automations like “What are your repetitive questions and what’s the automation ratio that stems from it? What’s your predicted growth in the coming years? How should you plan around that?”.

The best part about it? It takes less than a minute to launch it.