Meet Manon Heuveneers, Full Stack Engineer at Energy Storage Company: Allye Energy

Tell us about Allye Energy


Allye is aiming to become the AWS of energy storage – smart battery energy storage for businesses, homes and communities that improves resiliency, enables flexibility and drives down the cost of energy. Just like the shift from storing photos on a hard drive to the cloud, Allye’s hardware and software provides shared battery energy storage, physically behind the meter or accessed virtually while managed locally by community batteries.

Allye’s integrated solution is two times cheaper than other solutions and 60% lower CO2 than other BESS and democratises access through energy storage as a service. Allye provides smarter energy for communities and consumers and flexibility to balance the grid, by creating networks that generate, share, distribute and monetise electricity to enable a fully distributed and decentralised energy system.



What do you think makes this company unique?


Allye is pioneering the adoption of second use EV batteries into modular and versatile energy storage systems. This translates into a system with the lowest energy storage lifetime cost/kWh through repurposed EV batteries and intelligent software control to deliver more distributed capacity at scale that creates more value for the grid, consumer and the planet.



How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?


In a short period of time the team has grown from three co-founders to a team of 16, having fully engineered and developed its first battery energy storage system. This growth represents a cleantech success story for the UK.

We’ve built five systems, including one for Jaguar Land Rover that uses batteries from prototype vehicles. We won a grant from Innovate UK and Innosuisse to develop a novel AC-DC bi-directional converter and future home energy storage system. Allye has also won numerous awards, including at the 15th Innovation World Cup, Publicis Sapient 3rd Annual Global EnergyTech Awards, and the Charging & Infrastructure category at Autonomy Paris 2024.


What can we hope to see from Allye Energy in the future?


Allye is a startup with high impact, one that addresses a significant problem in the UK and across the world. Allye has significant potential to scale and pioneer battery energy storage from the UK to support the energy transition and decarbonisation of the grid, which is one of the biggest opportunities this decade. For Allye, what’s next is to deploy more systems in the UK and drive savings for consumers and the grid.

After that we plan international expansion in to key markets such as the US, Australia, Europe and Japan.