Meet Martin Bould, Co-Founder at Bill Management Platform: Little Birdie

Little Birdie is a personal subscription and bill management platform designed to save people money by putting them in charge of their household finances, bills and subscriptions.

We’re a trusted adviser for time-poor people, taking regular audits of users’ subscriptions and regular payments in real-time through open banking.

Our app allows users to cancel subscriptions in one place, and it reminds them when payments are due, when a free trial is coming to an end, and when there is a price rise. Little Birdie also scours the internet to find better, money saving deals; if there’s a better option, we will let our users know.


What’s the idea behind the company?

The pandemic prompted people to take out more subscriptions during lockdowns. By July 2020 UK subscription box spend reached an estimated £323 million, marking a 50.2% year-on-year increase! Now, however, with inflation hitting 10% and the cost of living skyrocketing, many people in the UK are struggling to stay on top of their finances. And as a result, many are rethinking their outgoings, of which include their subscriptions.

Against this backdrop, we created Little Birdie to help people, especially those who are time poor and cost-conscious, to manage their bills and subscription products in one easy-to-use platform.

At a time of national economic crisis, Little Birdie is offering people control over their finances by helping them easily switch to more affordable options where possible and make cumulative changes to improve their financial situation.

Cancelling subscriptions may be an obvious way to cut spending, but in many cases, it can be a complicated and lengthy process that puts people off even trying, meaning they continue to spend money on services and products they don’t use. Little Birdie is a platform that cuts down the lengthy process of cancelling subscriptions or looking for an alternative, cheaper one.


What makes Little Birdie different from its competitors?

Unlike our competitors who almost act as a customers’ neo-bank, we are primarily focussed on managing subscriptions and bills. We address the real customer pain points of lack of time, providing relevant, timely information and in contract price hikes. Whilst personalising our app for each individual user, we also ensure the app is a collaborative hub where users can connect and share their own relevant insights.

Meanwhile, via the Little Birdie app, users can also cancel their subscriptions manually using our ‘Click to Cancel’ feature – available with over 400 providers (a figure which is increasing all the time). This is another one of our differentiators.

We want to deliver a simple solution for users, taking the hassle out of managing bills and subscriptions and helping people to make small changes that will help improve their financial situation in the process.

We believe that by combining the best capability of the digital banks, price comparison websites, switching services coupled with the power of the Little Birdie community of users, sharing tips and insights into one app, we can deliver something uniquely useful and better for consumers.

What can we expect to see from Little Birdie in the future?

By 2025, the UK subscription box market is set to be worth £1.8 billion by 2025. In such a rapidly growing market, we have found that 90% of people in the UK would be interested in an app that could help them manage their subscriptions.

The more subscriptions people are accruing, the more subscriptions they will need to manage. With this in mind, we aim to have one million customers by 2027.