Meet Martins Lasmanis, Co-Founder & CEO at Supplement Dropshipping Start-Up: Supliful

Supliful is a supplement dropshipping startup that allows fitness trainers, athletes, nutrition specialists, healthy lifestyle influencers, etc. to launch their own supplement lines in a matter of hours.

The supplements industry has for decades been rather complex and rigid, therefore launching your own line used to be seen as a lot of hassle and high costs. Supliful’s idea is that we take care of all the complex stuff – from sourcing and stocking products to printing and applying product labels, and finally shipping them to end customers. Meanwhile, brand holders don’t need to buy and manage stock – they can focus on marketing, sales, and engaging with their audiences.
Suppliful unveils innovative grocery app to help shoppers keep track of  their groceries and create a better grocery list experience. - US Newswire

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I’m a serial entrepreneur and together with my childhood friend Rihards Piks, we’ve built a number of businesses. The latest one was an online store called Grafomap that sold personalized map posters. For this business, we used a dropshipping service that took care of our orders. We really liked the idea of dropshipping and how it democratized starting an e-commerce business and selling tangible products.

There was only one problem with Grafomap – even though people loved our product, they wouldn’t come back for more. After all, how many map posters do you want hanging on your walls? Probably just one.

Despite the struggles, we managed to grow Grafomap to $1.5M in revenue, and then we decided to sell it. Soon after, we started to think about our next business idea.

Rihards and I have always been into sports and we used supplements on a daily basis. We had the experience with dropshipping services. Health and fitness is a huge industry to target. And, most importantly, if people love the product, they’d buy it over and over again. It all just clicked and that’s how the idea for Supliful was born.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

We started Supliful amidst the pandemic in January 2021, which turned out to be good timing for a business like ours. Because of the epidemiological restrictions, fitness clubs closed for an indefinite time or even went out of business.

Trying to cope with this new reality and the fact that their workplaces could be closed for a long time, many fitness coaches started to create their own online fitness programs. They quickly realized that supplements are a great upsell to offer to their clients, and that’s pretty much how our business took off.

What can we hope to see from Supliful in the future?

In the nearest future, we’re planning to expand our product catalog. This takes time, as our products are sourced from various producers across the US and Europe and, before we add them to the catalog, they’re reviewed by our in-house nutritionist.

Another thing we’re planning to do is launch Supliful’s Brand Holder Academy. There, anyone interested in building their own e-commerce business with Supliful will be able to find practical information and tips on how to start and grow their own brand.

We’re looking forward to growing our business and focusing on raising a seed round that would help us grow our team and expand to new markets.