Meet Matthew Hart, The Founder & CEO Creating Customised Wearables for Workers: Soter Analytics

Matthew Hart

I started Soter Analytics in 2015. My goal was to create an injury prevention technology solution that provided organizations with personalised engaging safety programs to increase worker retention and productivity.

We specialise in ergonomic wearables supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) hinging on the real-time feedback provided by the device and personalized data insights that motivate and encourage workers to move with correct posture.

Alongside, our comprehensive safety platform offers accompanying apps with customisable manual handling training programs, AI-driven vision processing technology for performing accurate task risk assessments and, proudly, we provide the world’s only ATEX certified wearable device.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I used to work as a Mechanical and Reliability Engineer in the Mining Industry. During my time there, I began to think about how we used technology to monitor the performance of machinery to minimize breakdowns. I realized we could do the same for humans through sensors and predictive analytics; monitor postures, increase efficiency and avoid injuries.

I really wanted to create an end-to-end ergonomic solution. Thus Soter Analytics was born and now we provide cutting edge technology solutions that are fun for workers, personalised and support staff retention, engagement and productivity. Right through from data driven hiring, new starter training, continuous improvement, early intervention and return to work.


How has the company evolved?

Soter Analytics has gone from strength to strength since its inception. Today organizations across the globe use our technology to engage with their employees, building workplaces that not only keep the workers they hire, but optimize their performance on the job.

We’ve partnered with clients such as Travis Perkins, Wincanton and Merck Animal Health in the UK; Giant Eagle Supermarkets, Coca-Cola and Gap in the US; and Woolworths and Roy Hill in Australia and have proven manual handling injury reduction of up to 55% using our solutions.

Our wearable technology has also grown, analysing data over 50 times per second across several different data points that are transformed in real-time to useful information (events and stats on angles). Our Soter device tracks all significant back and shoulder movements collecting thousands of hazardous events and safe events each day.

We have also recently released our SoterTask solution – an AI-driven video processing tool that analyses any task being performed. Using human motion analysis, it evaluates angles or risks within any movement of the entire body or its segments. Producing ergonomic assessments, it makes task evaluations and workplace improvements easy and accurate.

Off the back of this growth, I am very delighted to be able to say that our latest fundraising push has secured a £9 million deal to support further research and development and expansion into new markets.

What can we hope to see from Soter Analytics in the future?

We have just launched a brand new piece of adaptable hardware, the Soter SmartFix which allows our Soter device to be attached to any existing piece of equipment, removing barriers in getting workers to remember to wear their devices.

Changes in safety and improvements are cultivated by engaging workers in the process, getting them involved and having them buy into the solutions, once this has happened, higher retention rates and productivity gains can be achieved.

We are building traction in our current markets in the US, Europe and the UK, and expanding into new markets across Europe, particularly France, Germany, Netherlands and Scandinavia. In addition to this, we are planning to broaden the industries we serve, building on our customer base in warehousing, manufacturing, retail, oil and gas.

We want to be the number one ergonomic health and safety product in all the main countries. In terms of product development, we are working to offer clients a more complete end-to-end platform, with more solutions to help them hire the right people, train them better and improve the workplace.