Meet Megan Jones and Oli Bennett, Co-Founders at XITE Energy

Megan Jones and Oli Bennett

XITE Energy has a range of delicious products which give you all-natural, pure energy without the crash or bad ingredients. We are the first brand to bring the nootropic ingredient to the UK and are on a mission to change the way we think about energy drinks and protein bars.

We have left out the unnecessary chemicals and the high sugar content that you might typically find in the products currently in the market. We have instead replaced these with our unique formula of nootropics to help support mental alertness and cognitive function.

We originally launched XITE as a solution to unhealthy energy drinks on the extreme sports circuit but we’ve since re-branded to focus on the nootropic element. We have recently launched our vegan protein bars in two delicious flavours (White Chocolate Chip & Salted Caramel) to appeal to the growing audience of health conscious consumers.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Oli Bennett is a FIA World Rallycross driver and I am really into my fitness and nutrition. Both Oli and I were massive consumers of energy drinks but always resented the negative impact on health. Oli was an avid nootropic consumer to help him focus on track as a professional driver. We decided to combine these needs to create XITE. Not only does it help you feel focused, but you don’t feel guilty drinking it.

There is such a limited range of nootropics outside of pill or powered supplements, they can be expensive and easy to forget to take – we are on a mission to solve this problem with our products, by making them more accessible to the consumer.

The all-natural range range contains five active nootropics; which can help improve mental performance and boost memory, focus, creativity, intelligence and motivation. Nootropics are plant-based supplements and help boost our brains which help to boost memory, attention, motivation, focus, mood, alertness and relaxation.

XITE was born out of a desire for a better for you energy drink with added nootropics to benefit the mind.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

It’s been a great journey for us despite the circumstances. The pandemic pushed the company to evolve into a successful DTC business, whilst still keeping our traditional B2B channels. We now have an incredibly loyal customer base who continue to purchase again and again as they see the effects they have on them.

What can we hope to see from XITE Energy in the future?

We want to be synonymous with nootropics and continue to shout about the ingredient and it’s benefits. It’s a very new concept but it’s important for us to continue to raise awareness and become more established. We can’t wait to add new products to the XITE range – watch this space