Meet Michael Mueller, CEO at Payment Technology Provider: Form3

Michael Mueller,

Form3 designs, builds and runs the technology that powers the future of payments. Founded In 2016, Form3 set out to revolutionise the world of payment processing and disrupt the traditional payment infrastructure model, with an always-on, cloud-native, Payments-as-a-Service (PaaS) platform.

Form3’s enterprise-grade, managed payment technology platform is designed to be highly scalable, adaptable and resilient. It insulates customers from the fast-changing payments landscape, alleviating the burden of having to maintain back-office payments infrastructure, compliance and security as well as having to keep up with changing environments, channels, schemes and regulations.

Today, Form3 is trusted by some of the UK and Europe’s biggest banks and fastest-growing fintechs to handle their critical payments architecture, giving them complete control of payment processing, clearing and settlement without the costs and frustration of management.

Form 3 | The Power 50

What do you think makes Form3 unique?

We are changing the way that payment technology providers deliver services to banks and fintechs. Form3 is less than six years old and we are providing mission critical technology to very large regulated financial institutions at scale. Payments are at the core of what these organisations do and our platform is far more robust and scalable than legacy infrastructure that they have built themselves.

Our payment technology and applications are built in the cloud so financial institutions can integrate them into their existing infrastructure quickly and easily. This gives them access to a fully managed service where they have complete control but we handle all of the complicated aspects such as compliance and security. It’s a paradigm shift in the way that financial institutions are procuring and using end technology.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

In the last couple of years the company has effectively trebled in size, from 150 people to 450 people. We have extended our geographic scope to new territories, most notably the US and we’ve added a lot of functionality to the platform. We’ve also increased the volume that we’re processing on the platform quite considerably.

One of the biggest changes to our service has been made very recently; we are switching to a multi-cloud platform, meaning that rather than relying on a single public cloud provider we operate across all three public clouds (Amazon, Google, Microsoft) simultaneously. This means we can offer industry-leading levels of resilience, handling transactions on a 24/7/365 basis with very high uptime.

What can we hope to see from Form3 in the future?

Our overarching ambition is to completely change the way that payment technology is delivered to banks. We’re going to keep pushing this agenda and to work very hard to shape the future of the payments ecosystem.


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