Meet Mike Reid, Chairman and Co-Founder at Digital Platform For The Over 50s: Goldster

Goldster is a digital platform created to inspire the over 50s to lead a more active and fulfilling life. Our mission is to provide accessible, interactive and fun ways to support healthy ageing by offering a range of online classes – up to 450 a month – from the likes of yoga and pilates, creative writing, sing-a-longs, fashion advice and plenty more.

Some are taught by household names including the dancer Wayne Sleep, singer Barbara Dickson and fashion icon Dame Zandra Rhodes and all are streamed live and are interactive. We know that maintaining strong cognitive, emotional, and physical states can support healthy ageing and we’ve built Goldster upon all the available evidence and extensive data sets around this so we ensure our classes deliver real benefits for health and wellbeing.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Goldster was created after I had worked in the health and care arena for a number of years with some of the most vulnerable groups in society, including those with dementia. Here, I found there was a consistent gap between what patients actually wanted and what they received. After many hours delving into research, assisted by a team, we found that using a range of therapies such as painting, dance and Tai Chi administered at the right dosage and the right frequency, thereby creating a personalised prescription, could create life changing results.

These successful results inspired Goldster. Because it is a digital platform, this enables us to apply technology and algorithms so we can further enhance our learnings on what improves cognitive, emotional and physical states by pinpointing habits and adapting our offering to optimise it for the user.

For example, we measure the impact of our activities on users by tracking their movements and sleep through the use of wearable tech. All of this gives our members a clearer view about their health, and also helps us at Goldster to build the evidence about what works best when creating a non-drug prescription for an individual. We believe Goldster is democratising a systematic approach to ageing, which makes us wholly unique.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Since Goldster’s launch in 2021, we have worked tirelessly to develop a range of classes with as much variety and volume as we can manage. We offer classes which address physical, cognitive and emotional needs and they are all interactive.

This is important because being social is the key component when it comes to wellness.

What can we hope to see from Goldster in the future?

How we ‘prescribe’ and help people find the range of activities that makes sense to them is key and we have been working on this for quite some time. We want to help 100 million people over the next ten years by engaging large populations through activities which cater to their likes, wants and needs using an approach called the Structures Wellness Intervention Pathway (SWIP).

We are continuing to develop this concept which is driven forward by our experts and influential personalities, who share and teach their desired health and wellbeing expertise and insights in a clinical research environment.