Meet Mike Rhodes, CEO and Founder at Mobile Marketing Consultancy: ConsultMyApp

Mike Rhodes

ConsultMyApp (CMA), is a world-leading mobile marketing consultancy that provides support to brands looking to grow their business and revenues by helping them to fortify their approaches and effectively pivot to an increasingly mobile-focused world.

Essentially, CMA is an extension of a company’s creative, app marketing and analytics teams. With our expert insight and analysis, we help well-known brands and growth businesses to increase their own revenues through the mobile channel. In addition to technical insight, we provide a rounded business understanding of how such innovations can be leveraged in a meaningful way by our client’s. By bridging marketing, technology and business awareness, CMA puts them in an incredibly strong position to service clients, seldom seen globally in the digital space, let alone within the mobile app arena.

We have worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, including O2, Tide, Virgin, Deliveroo, General Motors and, to increase their customer base and drive forward their digital evolution into the mobile app ecosystem. Our consultancy-led approach ensures that the team accurately scope and deliver each project to time, whether it’s in fintech, gaming, hospitality, retail, subscription, worship or any other market in between!

Since I founded CMA in 2016, we’ve seen rapid global growth, now working across 21 countries, with clients based in UK, US, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Sweden, Gibraltar, Thailand, South Africa & Cyprus. I funded the company myself, with less than £10k saved in a bank account and since then, CMA has rapidly grown to prominence as an industry leader, despite not being supported by any external funding models or VCs.

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How did you come up with the idea for the company?


Having worked for several Silicon Valley start-ups, I had a good feel for the app landscape, and noticed large gaps in the skill-sets & resources required to reliably manage and grow successful apps, even within some of the world’s largest brands. ConsultMyApp was created in response to a common problem I witnessed first-hand – companies were eager for their digital teams to strengthen their mobile offerings but the teams were not specialised in the mobile marketing space… Enter CMA.

My vision for the company was simple – to make every App we work with the best it can be, realizing the App’s true value to a business. I saw many issues with other “agencies” in the space and it was incredibly important, given my consultancy background, that CMA engaged with their clients much more like Accenture or Deloitte do compared to your typical agency. At CMA, I’m proud that we’re much more involved with our clients. We embed ourselves into their industry, get to know their team (as people not just clients), know their internal processes, and make ourselves readily available to communicate as frequently as possible. That accessibility and openness are key factors towards a conducive partnership!



How has the company evolved during the pandemic?


The digital transition was already gaining pace long before the Covid-19 pandemic, with businesses across all sectors realising that they needed to adapt and enhance their digital offering if they were to stand out above market competitors and retain customers. However, the demand for ConsultMyApp’s (CMA) offering has accelerated exponentially since the pandemic, as all sectors including gyms and banks to supermarkets and publishers, had to move their operations online. This drive is now being accelerated further by the mobile app boom.

As a result, in the last 12 months alone, we have nearly doubled our headcount and EBIT (Earnings Before Interest & Taxes). We now have over 45 consultants, up from 10 a year and a half ago – over two thirds of the senior management team are female, a third of the business is under 25 and over 15 languages are spoken amongst employees. Considering the company was only founded in 2016, its rapid development has been incredible.


What can we hope to see from CMA in the future?


CMA is working on some very exciting ideas behind the scenes that will be coming out this year as well as plans for our international expansion – so watch this space!

We are currently in the process of building a fully-fledged mobile marketing management platform, App Marketer Pro, that will bring maturity, governance and reporting under one roof, enabling senior managers and marketing execs alike to measure, plan and grow their apps at scale, reliably and with confidence. With App Marketer Pro, launching in May 2022, we’ll be giving clients a tool to support sustainable growth of their apps and make more informed data-driven decisions – a task which is currently achieved through access to multiple data suppliers, excel sheets and unstructured, ad-hoc reporting.

Otherwise, we are continuing to plan the expansion of our wonderful services & software team, and I’m proud of the people we have onboard sharing this journey! Fundamental to our success is an inclusive recruitment philosophy which encourages a highly diverse team with a wide array of approaches to solving a problem!