Meet Mira May, Founder and Designer at Fashion Label MIRAYAMA

Mira May

 Tell us about MIRAYAMA


MIRAYAMA is a luxury fashion and fine jewellery label dedicated to creating pieces that embody sophistication and timeless beauty.

Our collections are designed to empower and inspire, reflecting a blend of contemporary style and classic artistry. MIRAYAMA’s clothing collection ranges from couture to everyday wear. Our fine jewellery line features true collector’s items crafted exclusively from 18k gold and exquisite natural diamonds of exceptional clarity and brilliance. Translated, MIRAYAMA means Wonderful Twin, underlining our ambition to inspire and empower through our designs.



How did you get the idea for the company and what do you think makes your company unique?


The idea for MIRAYAMA was born out of my passion for fashion and a lifelong admiration for India, its craftsmanship and my spiritual connection to the culture. Coupled with my growing frustration with the unsustainable aspects of the fashion world, I set out to create a couture brand that would offer a refreshing alternative.

What makes MIRAYAMA unique is our unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship. We work closely with skilled artisans, many of whom have honed their techniques over generations.

By focusing on handcrafted details and using the finest materials, we ensure that each piece is not just a product, but a work of art. In addition, our conscious production practices reflect our commitment to sustainability and ethical fashion. I believe that luxury should not come at the expense of the environment or the well-being of those who create it. Our approach also allows us to cater specifically to our clientele, such as offering bespoke and customisation services.



How has the company developed over the last few years?


MIRAYAMA started with a small collection of ponchos and fine jewellery, but our initial success allowed us to expand our vision and product range. With our new “Royal Garden” collection, we are expanding our clothing range to include blouses, dresses, trousers, tops and coats, allowing our customers to complete their look for any occasion.


What can we expect from MIRAYAMA in the future?


Looking to the future, I am excited to continue MIRAYAMA’s journey of offering custom and bespoke creations to our customers. We are planning to expand our range to include bridal capes and dresses, which feels like a natural extension of the business.

Sustainability will remain at the heart of everything we do. We are exploring new ways to make our products more accessible, such as renting some of our pieces on platforms like ByRotation and Loanhood. We want to set the standard for luxury fashion that is both beautiful and responsible.

We are also working to create exclusive experiences for our customers, allowing them to connect more deeply with our brand and the craftsmanship behind each piece. This includes exclusive events, behind-the-scenes insights and personalised services that make every interaction with MIRAYAMA truly special. Subscribe to our newsletter or make an appointment to visit us at our studio in Queens Park!