Meet Monica Lagercrantz, Founder and CEO at Digital Board Evaluation Platform: BoardClic

BoardClic is a SaaS platform for digital board and management team evaluations. Through the use of our unique proprietary software, we enable board members and chief executives to build better and more sustainable organisations.

Our analytics enable customers to build superior boards that conduct expert and efficient business and deliver leadership of the highest quality. BoardClic receives survey data from individual board members and chairs, which is used to create reports that contain practical insights and benchmarks. The exceptional quality of BoardClic surveys draw on a combination of leading assessment methodology, as well as sixty years of collective experience of its founders.

Our services are easy to use, allowing individual board members to be benchmarked against their peers across a range of different metrics. Our vision is to arm ambitious owners and board members with the insights required to meet today’s fast-changing demands on future-proof governance, transparency, and sustainability.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Prior to founding BoardClic, I worked as a headhunter for over 25 years. During this time, I noticed the need for follow up work in the boardroom and C-level, as there are a rapidly increasing number of countries with codes and legal requirements regulating that organisations are well managed, have high corporate governance standards, strong engagement with stakeholders and structure for sound governance.

BoardClic was created to fill the void in the market’s lack of sophisticated, data-driven, cost-efficient tools to track compliance, effectiveness, and alignment in boards and between the board and C-suite. Organisations must maintain exceptional stakeholder engagement and corporate governance structures to maintain governance standards. Consequently, the modern boardroom tasks its stakeholders with increasingly complex responsibilities.

The boardroom is an under-digitised area and lacks formal benchmarking. In order to change this, BoardClic has a solid and fast-growing bank of data that provides customers with reliable benchmarks on a detailed level of their work. We deliver actionable insights to ambitious chairs and owners.

The vast experience and expertise of our team, combined with our proprietary software is what gives us the edge over traditional, and far more expensive, board evaluation methods. We exist to deliver the G in ESG.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Since the platform first launched in 2019, we’ve built an impressive customer portfolio consisting of over 250 customers, including Channel 4, Tele2, HGCapital Trust, and Husqvarna, and the company has experienced an average year-on-year growth of 200%.

Although we are a Swedish company and our office is headquartered in Stockholm, we have already started expanding globally, with a local office in London.

BoardClic has also started offering an ESG maturity assessment product; in today’s world, forward-thinking boards must make sure that the company has a structured ESG strategy with the top team working towards the same goal.

What can we hope to see from BoardClic in the future?

We are currently focused on extending our product offering to other modern and attractive board and C-suite products as well as building out our UK operations and entering new markets across Europe. There is a lot happening globally in relation to ESG, and we have a range of exciting and innovative products lined up to meet new needs.

My dream is that decision-makers across all four corners of the globe come to understand the benefits available to their businesses from using the advanced feedback loops we offer. Leaders are human like everyone else, and in order to create increasing stakeholder value, grow their organisations and achieve success, it is of the utmost importance that they listen to quality data from trustworthy sources.

Now more than ever, companies are recognising the importance of having cultivated, data-focused and user-friendly tools to ensure that all standards are being met in boards and the C-suite, which is why the demand for products like ours will continue to grow. The future looks bright.