Meet Nat Natarajan, Exec VP of Products and Engineering at Cloud-Based Business Communications Solutions Company: RingCentral

RingCentral Rooms was designed to transform meeting spaces into dynamically enabled web conferencing destinations. Using existing off-the-shelf equipment, businesses can easily set up, hold, and manage web conferences with the highest quality “in-room” experience.

Now as the majority of the business world begins the return to work it’s clear, we’ve transitioned into a whole new way of operating, with more screens and video calls than ever. As companies start to navigate the new hybrid working model, while also ensuring workspaces are safe, we’ve innovated and enhanced RingCentral Rooms.

We’ve added voice-activated control and mobile phone controller, removing the need to be in contact with high touch surfaces and communal controllers, making it easier than ever for companies that are looking for a smart and safe return to work. In addition, RingCentral Rooms will now be compatible with Logitech Rally devices and Windows devices and appliances, making RingCentral Rooms accessible to a wider audience.
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How has the pandemic influenced the ideas for the enhancements?

Long before spare bedrooms, garages, and dining rooms began turning into workplaces en masse, the idea of remote work was already on the agenda of many businesses around the world. However, the Covid-19 pandemic created a catalyst for businesses to adopt ‘work from anywhere’ far more rapidly. Now anywhere working is more than just a possibility; it’s a normal part of professional life.

However, as more people get vaccinated and offices and workplaces start to open back up, organisations are having to rapidly adjust their workspaces to support a collaborative hybrid workforce. Companies are having to create work spaces that both adhere to social distancing and sanitisation guidelines, while putting in place the processes and technologies that will enable not only productivity and innovation but also provide the social capital that is so vital to any workplace.

It’s these challenges, faced by the majority of businesses around the world, which were the inspiration for our enhancements and innovations.


How have customer needs evolved during the pandemic?

As a result of the pandemic, many of our customers are juggling the need to meet employee demand for effective anywhere working, while maintaining a culture that enables all employees to thrive and do their best work.

We believe we are witnessing the intersection of two megatrends of digital transformation and hybrid workforce adoption, which is creating a structural shift in awareness and demand for cloud communications solutions. At the heart of striking the right balance, is putting the right technology solutions in place which will create participation equity – a level playing field for all employees, regardless of physical location.

Throughout the last year and a half we’ve seen countless companies adapt at an incredible pace. Now, as hybrid working and work from anywhere become the new normal, companies should take the time to review their interim solutions, and assess what their needs are. The right solution can ensure that the collaboration needs of the remote and onsite workforce are met and that an organisation is ready to welcome the workplace of tomorrow.

What can we hope to see from RingCentral in the future?

RingCentral has always been about work from anywhere, leading innovation that powers human connections. With our proven UCaaS platform and a comprehensive CCaaS portfolio, we will continue to win as a trusted communications partner of choice for businesses of all sizes in their digital transformation journeys.

As ways of working continue to evolve, we will keep innovating and making it easier for people to connect so they can do their best work, wherever they are.