Meet Neeral Shah, CEO and Founder at B2B Construction Supply Chain Marketplace: YardLink

Neeral Shah

YardLink is a B2B marketplace digitising the $1TN construction supply chain. The platform connects customers to a growing network of highly vetted suppliers, enabling contractors to source and manage equipment rental, materials and services within seconds.

The reactive nature of construction procurement means suppliers often cannot fulfil orders on time due to a lack of inventory and/or vehicles to deliver goods. This results in delays on site, as well as customers being forced to use expensive or distant suppliers. Many also spread procurement orders across an extremely fragmented supply chain, making it difficult to track costs and reconcile invoices against their projected budgets.

This is where YardLink comes in. For customers, YardLink’s platform provides a single source for all of their supplies, and guarantees next day delivery on thousands of items. The platform also enables customers to track their orders, spend on a project level against their budgets, and facilitate on-time payments to their suppliers. While for suppliers, YardLink is a trusted source of lead generation and guarantees timely payments from customers.


What do you think makes YardLink unique?

By providing a B2B marketplace for the construction industry to manage procurement all in one place, YardLink is digitising the construction supply chain, making procurement faster and more cost effective.

YardLink’s customers gain access to an extensive network of 550 suppliers over 1,700 depots so they’re able to procure anything and have it delivered the next day. By offering a price match guarantee, YardLink also ensures cost efficiency.

The locality of YardLink’s supply chain, which aims to reduce the carbon output on each journey, also makes the company unique. Currently, 95% of YardLink orders are delivered within 15 miles of each project.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Over the past few years, YardLink has evolved its relationships with suppliers and depots. This has helped increase the size of the network customers have access to.

The user experience has also been a big focus for YardLink. Users log on to the platform to track their deliveries and running costs on a project-by-project basis, using specially defined workflows for procurement teams.

Through evolving the network and the user experience, YardLink has been able to grow its customer base, serving over 3000 customers and facilitating deliveries of equipment, materials, fuel and waste management services to more than 10,000 projects.

What can we hope to see from YardLink in the future?

As YardLink continues to digitise the construction industry, the company will expand its product offering to become the place where customers can access the entire construction supply chain. This will help cut overheads, speed up supply and reduce costly delays throughout the industry.

To do this, YardLink will also double its headcount, and integrate more closely with its supply chain to offer real-time availability across all products.

Alongside its expansion, YardLink also hopes to help promote more sustainable practices throughout the industry by enabling a hyper local supply chain.