Meet Niccolo Gasparoli, Product Manager at Vitamin and Supplement Brand: FIGHT

Talking about FIGHT is talking about nutrition.  Everybody knows about its importance and how critical it is to hit the five-a-day portions of fruit and veg to be healthy. The problem is that many people don’t – some because of their lifestyle or food choices, others because they simply cannot afford it and live in a state of malnutrition.

FIGHT wants to make nutrition easy for everyone.

Our core product range consists of four (soon to be five) benefit-led vitamin gummies, created using scientifically-backed ingredients that are designed to enhance a healthy and balanced diet. Our entire range is vegan-friendly, gluten-free and uses natural flavourings, making them 100% accessible.

We have a growing range of high-strength tablets and capsules, including Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc and plant-based Omega-3, giving people even more choice and targeted support – especially during winter.

To support the most vulnerable in the UK, we have partnered with the UK’s leading redistribution charity, FareShare. For every bottle that we sell, we donate one meal to someone in need, giving them access to basic, healthy nutrition to be at their best.


FIGHT supplements brand backs food charity Fareshare to tackle hunger


How did you come up with the idea for the company?


Vitamins & minerals are a complicated, confusing and sometimes messy set of category. Many consumers have been taking the same supplement for 20 years or they are walking away from the category because they cannot decipher the wall of ingredients they face every time they enter a store. We wanted to make this category easy.

Once COVID hit, we saw this confusion growing exponentially as many new consumers approached the category:  Google searches for vitamins and supplements skyrocketed and Brits were self-prescribing themselves different supplements to try and fend off COVID and stay healthy, without truly understanding what it is they were buying or why.

FIGHT is on a mission to make good nutrition accessible to all. That starts with making our products easy to understand, leading with the benefit they provide. Then it lies in our format – we’ve created vegan-friendly delicious gummies enabling as many people as possible to enjoy them – 24% of Brits find tablets/pills difficult to swallow.

And then it is built on our belief that good nutrition should be a right, not a privilege, which is why we also partnered with leading food redistribution charity, FareShare, in order to support their efforts in tackling the growing hunger crisis across the UK.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?


Launching a new brand during a pandemic was challenging and we faced a variety of unique issues that I’m sure many other pandemic startups can relate to. We were hit with supply issues, significant increases in lead times and suffered from shortages of simple materials like corrugated paper. We had to pivot multiple times from our initial plan and be agile to make sure we were able to deliver our final product on time. The biggest challenge was finding our bespoke red bottle – an iconic and non-negotiable part of FIGHT’s finished brand.

We managed to stay on top of demand thanks to the solid, trusted partnerships we established with our suppliers and enjoyed new experiences unique to pandemic-born startups. We held our launch event via Zoom, conducted product testing virtually and even onboarded team members we’d never been able to meet in person.

Our launch strategy has always been – and will always be – revolved around our consumers – that will never change:

  • We introduced our first product: SUPPORT IMMUNITY gummies at the height of COVID, offering Brits 100% of their daily Vitamin D intake, plus an additional 10 vits and minerals to help support their immune system

  • Our SUPPORT ENERGY and SUPPORT BONE STRENGTH gummies kept the nation energised as home working caused havoc on our energy levels and workout routines.

  • As the nations’ eyes grew tired of Zoom, we developed our SUPPORT VISION formula, designed to aid eye health

  • We’re now just weeks away from launching our new SUPPORT GINGER gummies during what’s being called the ‘worst cold ever’

As we celebrate FIGHT’s one-year anniversary, we’re saying a huge thank you to all our customers who have helped us donate more than 30,000 meals to vulnerable people via our charity partner, FareShare, as well as looking back on an incredible year of charity fundraisers (our Big April Move) and unique gummy bundles, including our student-focused Fresher’s Bundle.


What can we hope to see from FIGHT in the future?


You can expect more delicious vegan vitamin gummies from our team of experts, who are currently researching new and innovative ingredients, such as Ashwagandha, Apple Cider Vinegar and Ginseng.

We’re working on brand-new packaging that will differentiate us further from the pack, providing a more sustainable alternative to our recyclable bottles and helping us to tap into the rise of conscious consumerism.

Later this year, we hope to launch our own Direct-To-Consumer website too – watch this space!