Meet Nigel Lombard, CEO And Founder Of Insuretech Platform: PeppercornAI

1. Tell us about PeppercornAI


PeppercornAI is an insurtech that uses conversational AI to deliver a personal, responsive and empowering customer experience. Our platform Pipr guides customers through the insurance purchase process as well as post-sale policy queries and changes.

It removes the need for filling out forms and massively reduces the inconvenience of waiting on hold to get through to a call centre. This also benefits businesses because it significantly reduces operating costs and allows underwriters to select better risks helping improve claims loss ratios.


2. What do you think makes this company unique?


Pipr offers an end-to-end digital experience, as opposed to a digital agent that only provides customer support. We call this a Conversational First approach. And, our platform is purposefully designed with the insurance industry in mind meaning it can deliver benefits that are specific to the insurance industry, such as lower expense ratios and claims loss ratios.

Also unique is that we’ve proven the platform ourselves by launching our own car insurance MGA using Pipr. We’re delighted with the results. However, most importantly, it’s really the exceptional team of insurance experts and technologist that make us unique.


3. How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?


We launched our own car insurance MGA in the UK January this year using Pipr. Since then, our platform has exceeded initial expectations. The recent launch of our SaaS product was accelerated following this success, as we’ve seen interest in our platform to support business operations from the insurance industry.


4. What can we hope to see from PeppercornAI in the future?


Currently, our SaaS product is a key focus area and we expect to expand to other lines of insurance and possibly other financial services as well as territories across the globe.