Meet Noel Eves, Founder at High Protein Zero Sugar Cereal Brand: Superzeros

Noel Eves

It’s a high protein zero sugar breakfast cereal that tastes just like the popular classics. It’s made for active and health conscious grown ups who want to make a good first choice to start the day but are struggling to find easy healthy solutions they enjoy.

It launched last month, exclusively available on our website, and the response has been really encouraging.
Superzeros Launch Protein Breakfast Cereals - Fuel Yourself Better In The  Morning! | Sustain Health Magazine

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I think it was the culmination of career experience and personal passions. I’d spent fifteen years in food and early stage brands working for Tesco, Graze and Catapult Sports as well as consultancy experiences with the likes of Grenade.

On a personal level I love sports and keeping fit but I’m also a breakfast person with a sweet tooth. The first eating choice is key for the quality of decisions made throughout the rest of the day but it felt like there was very little innovation here versus bars, shakes or snacking.

I’d been experimenting with breakfast solutions for a long time to reduce sugar, refined carbohydrates and add protein and once it became clear that new advances in product manufacturing were possible I jumped at the chance to make something new.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Well I’ve just stepped out of a Managing Director role last month, in the fashion sector, to focus on this so it’s early days for the company yet. The benefit of being at this stage is definitely the agility and I’m very focused on rapid iteration to learn quickly and compound the things we find that work.

Building a culture is obviously very different now with the predominance of remote working so clearly there’s a balance to find there as I still believe hugely in the value of face to face collaboration. Longer term I want to build a modern, responsible and considerate company with a culture people enjoy being part of.

What can we hope to see from Superzeros in the future?

At the moment we’re focused on building an early adopter community and using this to gather feedback, widen the product range and refine how we articulate our offering. Over the coming months I’d like to broaden the sales channels through which it is available and tell the brand story to a wider audience.

We have a great message to share and the goal is to improve the breakfast habits of millions. In time I’d like to see this have a major impact on the cereal aisle – it’s one of the least changed categories in the past few decades and I think the consumer is ready for fresh new voices.