Meet Oli Cook, CEO and Founder of ekko.

Tell us about ekko


ekko exists to help people make more sustainable choices through purchasing, and we do this through payments. There are trillions of interactions around payments going on each year, and ekko aims to empower each of those transactions, the businesses that operate them, and the consumers that make those decisions to make more sustainable choices. So whether that be tracking or offsetting a carbon footprint, or using purchases to fund planet-positive impact around the world, ekko wants to help facilitate good behaviour and that good action.

ekko provides an infrastructure that can plug into any interaction around the world and empowers it with a positive impact, traced throughout. The infrastructure offers revenue growth for businesses, whilst having a real, tangible impact on our planet through saving plastic bottles from entering the ocean, reforestation, and animal conservation.

How did you come up with the idea?


Prior to starting ekko, the founders spent a combined 70 years in fintech and financial services, building and leading projects around the world. However, none of these projects seemed to take our planet into consideration, and as people who care about the environment, we felt that fintech had an incredible opportunity, and responsibility to help people lead more sustainable lives. We built ekko to solve the problem for people and businesses who wanted to do more for the planet but didn’t know how to. 



How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?


We’ve evolve in line with our clients’ wants and needs. Once we find out a client’s requirements, we evolve our products to directly suit their needs. For example, we’re working with a business that wanted to have more of a local impact, so we introduced localised offsetting projects to our portfolio.

We’re also doing more in the realms of animal conservation, which many businesses feel has a more compelling customer impact. To summarise, we’re constantly evolving to ensure we can offer the highest quality and most innovative solutions for our customers, whilst increasing the ways in which we deploy and integrate.


What can we hope to see from ekko in the future?


There are a few exciting announcements in the pipeline for ekko, which share some of the impact solutions we support. These impact solutions are World-leading, and we’re very proud of the incredible impact these projects are having. We’re also hoping to deploy our product across the World and into different regions, such as Europe, Australia, and the USA.