Meet Pascal Lorne, Founder & CEO at Digital Recruitment Agency: Gojob

Pascal Lorne

Gojob is a fast growing, global digital disrupter in temporary recruitment with a mission to build a more inclusive labour market. Founded in France in 2015, the company provides access to employment regardless of age, gender, origin, qualification or experience.

It achieves this through Gojob AI Lab, the first Artificial Intelligence recruitment platform capable of matching the wealth of job offers available with the demands from job seekers, with unprecedented matching speed and accuracy in a fair, inclusive and non-discriminatory way.

The company identifies, trains and hires thousands of workers each month in the supply chain and logistics, warehousing, transport and manufacturing sectors, and is now offering its solutions to new business sectors. It’s helped more than 29,000 temporary employees find a job with large international groups (e.g XPO, Ceva Logistics, DHL, Stellantis, Veolia, Carrefour) and SMEs, and is leveraging Artificial Intelligence to revolutionise how job seekers and employers can meet and mutually benefit from digital recruitment.

In 2021, Gojob entered the FT1000, the Financial Times’ prestigious ranking of the 1,000 highest and fastest growing European companies, ranking #18 and has been selected for the 2022 FT120, a list of France’s 120 start-ups to watch.
KOIS - GoJob: Offering temporary assignments to temporary workers

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

In 2015, in a period marked by several terrorist attacks in France, I decided to set up Gojob, a technology-based temporary recruitment company. I’m convinced that the workplace should be made up of people from different backgrounds and skills – a place where different cultures meet. I truly believe that work is a vehicle of social dignity.

As well as ensuring people’s survival by guaranteeing them a wage, the workplace brings people together, and is where trust is built around the common goal of creating or producing something. We are all equal and we work individually and collectively to change the world around us while fulfilling our own ambitions and goals.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Gojob has been doing very well during the pandemic and we even doubled our turnover in 2020, mostly thanks to our 100% digital activity. In addition, our main client sectors have been strongly boosted, such as logistics, industry and retail.

With the Covid crisis, companies have realised that digital can be an aid to productivity rather than a hindrance, because of its ability to instantly connect people.

What can we hope to see from Gojob in the future?

We hope that Gojob will never stop growing. We aim to do this by intensifying our R&D in Artificial Intelligence, opening new offices all over the world to spread our mission that work is a fundamental pillar of human dignity, and recruit more and more people internally and externally.

I want to change the world of work through high-level technology with a tangible societal impact which allows everyone not only to find a job, but to find the right one.