Meet Pat Phelan, CEO and Co-Founder at Doctor-Led Cosmetic Destination: Sisu Clinic

I founded Sisu Clinic in 2018, with Dr. James Cotter and Dr. Brian Cotter. My background is in tech entrepreneurship, having previously founded anti-fraud start-up Trustev. Both James’ and Brian’s backgrounds are in medicine. We merged our expertise and experience together, and created Sisu Clinic – and this is what has allowed us to scale rapidly in such a competitive industry.

Sisu Clinic is a doctor-led cosmetic medicine destination offering an extensive range of advanced, non-invasive beauty treatments. Sisu was created with the singular purpose of setting a new standard in aesthetic medicine by putting patients and the medicine first.


What do you think makes Sisu unique?

What sets Sisu Clinic apart in this industry is our overriding goal to deliver treatments to patients safely and professionally, providing the best patient care and experience possible.

Sisu is entirely committed to administering a human-centric, empathic approach to care when administering bespoke, non-surgical treatments based on patients’ unique needs, desires and individual physiology. New and exciting treatments are being developed at a rapid pace, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to administering these innovative treatments at the highest standard.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Since inception, we have scaled hugely – both domestically and internationally. Ireland was a fantastic testbed for us during our starting years, and we learnt a lot about the cosmetic market, what works and what doesn’t. We have just opened up our newest clinic in Ireland in Dublin, and we want to keep the home growth going while we expand globally.

In June, we celebrated the opening of our first US based clinic, located in Miami, Florida, and in August, we expanded on the other side of the pond, with our first clinic opening in London, UK.

Both the London and US openings were exceptionally challenging for the whole team, with the level of complexity they required, so seeing the work pay off has been incredible. Our mission is to bring world-class offering to patients across the world, and expanding into new markets this year has been an incredible time for us.

What can we hope to see from Sisu Clinic in the future?

We are in the midst of opening our next five clinics in the USA, as well as three clinics in London. In the past couple of years the business has doubled every year so we would like to maintain that. A successful launch of our brand in Miami, NYC and Texas would be an incredible moment for Sisu.