Meet Patrycja Malara, Founder at Independent Recruitment Company: Talent Boutique Solutions

Talent Boutique Solutions are an independent recruitment solution that believes in creating successful long-term partnerships and bringing ultimate satisfaction to the clients, candidates, and business partners. We offer services such as search and selection to help businesses find the ideal candidate, high quality professional drivers at a competitive rate and industrial services to offer workplace support during seasonal fluctuations. Our services are carefully tailored to our client’s needs, requirements, and priorities.

We are passionate about making a difference and providing unique, people-focused services as well as allowing businesses to achieve their full potential. Focusing on people with hearts and minds is what makes us unique and successful, with a true passion for improving client and candidate experience.
Recruitment Services, South West | Talent Boutique Solutions

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The idea to set up a company was a result of lucky circumstances at the time. I lost my job as branch manager just before the pandemic and this was a perfect time to rethink the options.

I always wanted to run a business but was never brave enough to start. The “security” of a full-time job was holding me back. My candidates, friends, partner were telling me for years to start on my own. It made sense to use all these years of experience in recruitment to finally do the things I always believe they should be done in the first place.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The pandemic turned out to be the perfect time to start the business- everything stopped, people started to rethink the way they want to live and work. Many started to see how damaged the current system is, how little focus is on people and how much focus is on the numbers.

We offered something different to many recruitment companies. We care for the general well-being of the people, and we believe that profits should only a by-product of a greater good that we are working hard to create.

What can we hope to see from Talent Boutique Solutions in the future?

We have ambitious plans where were we not only use the best technology out there, but we are playing a major part in creating and designing it.

We are also working on an exciting project overseas where we can take our candidates, clients and business partners for holidays and well-being retreats. We are also supporting passionate new start-up companies in their innovative ideas. This way we would like to create happy, supportive, and abundant communities. Something we will all benefit from in the longer term.