Meet Paul Foster, Founder and CEO at Visual Event Planning Software: OnePlan

OnePlan is a visual event planning software that lets event organisers plan together in real-time. Trusted by 15,000 events in over a 100 countries across the world, it combines the best characteristics of CAD (computer-aided design used to create 2D or 3D versions of real world products) with the latest mapping technology, in one easy-to-use system. Users design event sites on their choice of map, placing infrastructure, vehicles, workforce and more with centimetre accuracy, using OnePlan’s intelligent calculators, to instantly see exact area sizes and crowd capacities.

Users can instantly switch to a 3D view with Venue Twin, a hyper-realistic, interactive digital twin of a stadium, arena or any venue. Powered by OnePlan, you can plan indoor and outdoor events, improve security and venue operations, and sell ticketing, client hospitality and advertising for the real-world venue.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

My background is in crowd management and major event planning. I have worked on six Olympic games and two Commonwealth Games among others.

For too many years I had felt that the event planning process was not the most efficient – using screenshots of Google Maps into PowerPoint, shapes added on top, and endless back and forth on email. I saw how other industries were benefiting from collaborative SaaS platforms and knew that the events and venues industry could too.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

OnePlan was founded back in 2019 and since then we’ve grown significantly. We’re now at
around 50 employees and growing. We’re a remote-first company, and our team is in 11 countries and speaks 14 native languages, and we’re still expanding.

We listen to what our users want, their feedback and ideas, and keep building the system for them. Our Venue Twin system has grown as well and we’ve been able to refine our hyper-realistic renderings and expand the use cases our digital twin technology can be used for. It’s been great to see so many excellent ideas originate from our users and how our team has implemented them at pace.

What can we hope to see from OnePlan in the future?

As we move into web3, we want to keep refining our product to be at the forefront of event planning and venue management. We hope to continue working with some of the major events we’re currently working with and expand even more globally which aligns with our international mission.

We will keep talking to our customers and improving OnePlan and Venue Twin based on their evolving needs. Our goal is to make the easiest way to plan safe, successful events available to everybody.