Meet Paul Holland, Founder and CEO at Customer Data Protection Company: Beyond Encryption

Beyond Encryption is a Hampshire-based company specialising in the protection of customer data through secure digital software.

Our goal is to educate and guide consumers, helping them to develop an understanding of the severity of the digital risk they are exposed to. All members of the team are key thought leaders within the industry, regularly tackling vital cybersecurity topics.

We also provide the market with solutions to these risks that seamlessly fit into company processes, boosting efficiency and engagement rather than hindering it. We have been steadily breaking the barrier in financial services, building a secure and connected network with our flagship product, Mailock.

Mailock is our secure email encryption solution, offering customers a simple and intuitive experience that translates well to their end-users. Better yet, we now offer these end-users the option to take on a free licence – through our Freemium offering – allowing them to send a limited number of secure mail at no cost, and specifically designed to keep the conversation flowing, securely.

We strongly believe this move will allow many businesses to shift towards better relationships with their clients and customers securely, using the friendliest email encryption, secure admin, and digital identity technologies on the planet.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Before creating Beyond Encryption, I worked as an advisor within FS. The challenges I experienced during this time with a lack of effective technology, communication security, efficiency and customer engagement made me look for a system that could solve it. Since then, my work has revolved around these issues and seeing how technology can solve them.

The aim of Beyond Encryption as a whole has always been to build a secure network that leverages personal connections, helping to protect and build digital identity without having to reveal or transfer large amounts of personal data. We understand the needs of businesses driven by digital transformation and how improving the exchange of sensitive information can impact all areas of the business. Our solutions were specifically designed to make this a reality.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

With the pandemic causing a digital shift and the growth of remote working, everyone has become more concerned with the ownership of their data, aligned with a growing fear of what can happen if it falls into the wrong hands.

During this time, Beyond Encryption has helped organisations of all sizes and their clients to connect safely, with Mailock ensuring that outbound emails are protected, facilitating secure communication exchanges and ensuring internal processes remain seamless. Employees can do their jobs without stress or barriers, and consumers can share their personal information without being concerned about the safety of their data.

What can we hope to see from Beyond Encryption in the future?

We have big expansion plans in the works. In the past 12 months, we have already begun to set this in motion, bringing onboard new team members and completely revamping our branding. In the next few years, we plan to surface new clever thinking and ideas that take us closer to solving core problems in the industry.