Meet Peter Denby, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of HyperFinity

Tell us about HyperFinity


HyperFinity is a decision intelligence platform that enables retailers to capitalize on the promise of data and AI. It helps retailers make their most important commercial decisions, such as what products to sell, what price to charge, who to sell them to, and how to make sure they have stock available.



How did you come up with the idea for the company?


We started HyperFinity after becoming frustrated working in large retail companies. We had been unable analyze data at speed for these companies to create the insight they need to make great decisions. Our ambition was to create a powerful AI platform that’s easy to use, therefore democratizing access to data for retail decision makers. This first-hand experience has helped us build a unique product, designed specifically for retailers.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?


We’ve grown significantly since our inception and won a host of well-known clients. What’s most pleasing is how we’ve positively impacted their bottom line. We’ve helped drive revenue increases of 20% and profit improvements of 5% in some cases, which are transformational for our clients.


What can we hope to see from HyperFinity in the future?


Our vision is to be the market leading decision intelligence platform for retail, globally. To achieve that we’ll focus on driving amazing commercial results for our clients, in the UK and far beyond.