Meet Peter Georgiou, Founder & CEO at Luxury Food And Drink Concierge Partner: SUPPER London

SUPPER London is the capital’s original luxury food and drink concierge partner, delivering incredible food and drink from London’s finest restaurants and retailers to our customers’ homes, offices and local parks.

Utilising a what3words navigation integration, we provide customers with an exceptional and conscientious delivery service, reassuring chefs that their creations are in safe hands. Our delivery bikes have been specially engineered with industry-leading technologies to keep dishes safe, secure and temperature controlled, whether that be hot, cold or ambient.
Supper, delivering from London's finest restaurants.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The idea for SUPPER London came about when I ordered a takeaway dinner with a friend from a top London restaurant. When our food arrived, late and damaged, we both thought there must be a better way. Having just returned to London from New York where I had experienced exceptional ease of food delivery, I knew this problem could be solved if we had the right commitment on customer service behind it.

Having decided to use my marketing, logistics and finance experience from my previous career as a trader to elevate the food delivery experience, I set out to find suitable delivery bikes. My search led me to Japan, where I found the perfect bikes that we were able to adapt for UK roads. Our fleet of over 100 bikes use gyroscopes, modular EPP boxes and eutectics technologies to keep food stable and temperature-controlled, reflecting our utmost care for our cargo.

SUPPER London wasn’t the first food delivery company, but we definitely pioneered a delivery service that works for the very best restaurants in London. Whilst top restaurants didn’t originally want to offer delivery, I believe that we’ve definitely proved this service was required, with the recent lockdowns confirming this.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The pandemic challenged us and we scaled very quickly in difficult conditions but we emerged successful from this period. Between February 2020 – August 2021, SUPPER London has grown revenue by 700%. We have also grown our staffing levels by 400%.

During the pandemic, we saw considerable expansion of our portfolio, with new partners wanting to join to help them open up a new, vital sales channel. We were humbled to welcome restaurants including LPM, Zuma, Hakkasan and Core to SUPPER London, assisting them in a time of great need. Their customers also didn’t want to lose access to exceptional food, so everyone has been a winner with these new partnerships.

What can we hope to see from SUPPER London in the future?

We are planning to expand our London footprint to new areas we haven’t been able to serve before. This will enable SUPPER London to offer more customers the chance to access incredible experiences from the capital’s best restaurants and retailers. Currently, we mostly deliver within a three-mile radius of our restaurants to ensure there is as little degradation as possible in the quality of the food, so we’re keen to expand into more parts of London. We will be announcing a lot more on this in the coming weeks.

Also, we’re always looking for the next fantastic restaurants to partner with, thereby offering our customers even more variety.

Further afield, SUPPER is looking with interest at expanding into the US and the Middle East, which we believe to be very exciting regions with great potential for us. In time, our aim is to bring SUPPER into cities and territories where international travelers would benefit from our offer from these globally renowned brands.

Eventually, our vision is for SUPPER to become similar to the global private members’ clubs by offering our customers the convenience and delights of our service in the world’s most international cities. By having our app on their phones, clients – wherever they are in the world – would then be able to order incredible food from our trusted curation in different cities.