Meet Peter Meyer, Founder at The Meyer Studios

The Meyer Studios based in Clapham London is a high-end photography studio that shoots in an exclusive converted luxury penthouse with an incredible outdoor location. We specialise in supporting models & actors to enter the industry and develop their brand image, with exceptional portfolios by industry professional photographers, make-up artists and stylists. We work closely with Top agents and Brands so not only does the studio produce great quality but guidance and support is given too.

From stunning Wedding photography to creative shoots for Family’s, Couples, Kids, Mums to Be, New-borns, Sexy Boudoir and even Pets, we are able to capture magical moments that last a lifetime.

We have been described as a hot spot for upcoming celebrities, actors, musicians and influencers, it makes a wonderful interactive activity for any occasion – from bridal showers, hen parties, friends birthdays, we can host you and your crew, doll you up and make you the star you desire!

The venue itself is beautiful, the building used to be an old synagogue and has since been refurbished into a modern photographer’s dream. The natural light from the roof creates a stunning reflection of shapes and shadows – which is rare for a London studio. Our studio is one of the only public studios in London with access to both natural light and man-made light which makes the experience even more spectacular, and a great spot for social media pics.
Models & Actors | The Meyer Studios

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I had always wanted to create something unique that would not only be stunning and unique but make a difference in people’s lives. It might sound cheesy but, in the Film & Modelling industry you need to stand out and helping talent with incredibly powerful and beautiful portfolios makes a huge impact in improving their chances in the industry. Not only that, but the studio will help and give advice through our team of experts.

The other is creating amazing memories for families, couples, etc in a way that will be a “wow factor” to them. I wanted to find a place that reflected the beauty of what we create with photography and with a team to support the amazing service of the day.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

It was through luck to be honest as we opened during the pandemic, the location was too good to let go and we were going to remain closed under GOVT Lockdown, which we did for the first month. After a while we learned talent were still working on sets and the industry was still working so we were able to work with them at least which helped us and ultimately helped them, win-win.

We had to wait before we could work with families and couples but having the talent allowed us to showcase our work and perfect our product and service. We have grown in this tough period from strength to strength, and been successful, while also building an amazing reputation very quickly, where I praise my team as their support and skills have been so valued and respected.

What can we hope to see from The Meyer Studios in the future?

Our aim is to be one of the best studios in London if not the UK, and to support more and more clientele in whatever the field is. The other aim is to potentially expand our business and open more locations around the UK, franchise too potentially and in the long run, look internationally.

We would like to look into diversifying our product into film also, as I am a film producer and feel with our incredible team of creatives we could make so amazing ideas come to life.