Meet Phil Blows, Co-Founder and CEO at Crypto Management Platform: AQRU

We’re here to help everyone earn interest on their cryptocurrency offering market leading yields up to 12%, whilst making it simple, safe and secure. Most people think making money from crypto is just buying something that goes up in value.

Therefore they just let it sit there in their accounts, missing out on passive income opportunities. With AQRU we’ve set out to provide an easy to use platform that makes it straightforward to convert real money into your chosen crypto assets, which can be tracked in real time.

Once people have signed up, they can fund the account with a minimum deposit of €100 via bank transfer in about 30 seconds,  and then buy crypto, whether it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum or a stable coin. We charge no fees and have no minimum lock in period, so you can withdraw your funds instantly in crypto or cash, including the interest you’ve earned.

What’s more, we offer market leading protection with the assets held in the wallets benefiting from a $30 million insurance policy against hacking, with additional bank-grade security on the platform including using the latest in multi-sig technology from wallet provider Fireblocks to keep assets safe.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company? 

There are amazing yields to be accessed in the world of digital assets, but for the average investor, it remains difficult, expensive, risky and complex to access. With our combined track record in DeFi (decentralised finance) we saw an opportunity to take away much of that complexity which deters people, including wallet management, and monitoring their investments.

We’re catering to those who want great returns, without needing to be a crypto or technology expert. The experience of being locked into crypto services that hid behind emails once you signed up was all too common, so we wanted to provide a user experience backed up with great customer service by offering a responsive human team.


How has the crypto market changed since its early days? 

If we rewind back to 2008 all you could do then is invest in Bitcoin, and really there was no safe way to store your assets. Now fast forward 13 years we’ve got battle tested institutional infrastructure, which allows people to put their assets safely into wallets and invest them there with confidence.

What’s more AQRU simplifies this even further, taking out any of the technical complexity and offering customers a simple and safe way to transfer, buy and hold their assets. The crypto market is just getting started, and DeFi is barely 18 months old. As an asset we’ve seen massive adoption already in crypto, but there’s a lot more to this than just headlines and Bitcoin. 

What can we hope to see from AQRU in the future? 

Whilst we are not financial advisors, we want to offer content on the platform that helps people become crypto savvy and have a better understanding of the market. Whilst crypto has been the best performing asset class of the last ten years, people need to understand the risks, whilst also seeing crypto as part of a wider diversified portfolio, where it should account for around 10 to 15 percent of overall investments.

In the early crypto industry before registrations came out, there were too many bad actors in the space but increasing regulation has pushed them out. We therefore want AQRU to be a regulated first product, having recently secured the licence for our Lithuanian entity. So we are engaging with every regulator we need to, in the jurisdictions that we’re operating in.