Meet Piotr Blazewics, Co-Founder at MicroClash, The Company Behind CoinClash Games

At MicroClash, we believe the future is in skill gaming where players use their knowledge, skills & abilities to determine the outcome of the games and if they are good maybe make some money during the process, and that’s why we have recently launched CoinClash Games, which allows game developers and studios to truly monetise their products.

Fifty per cent of the revenue from the platform goes directly to them. On games connected to our platform, people play against each other to win real money, and our ‘secret sauce’ is blockchain. We built it so all gaming sessions are stored there, providing transparency and fairness that no other company from our sector can match.

What do you think makes this company unique?

MicroClash is unique because it is building the PayPal of Skill Gaming Entertainment. Our online space has games players know and enjoy, with the chance to win real money. Content and choice are the key focus, providing the best possible experience for our customers. Players get the opportunity to enjoy 1v1 games and weekly tournaments.

We uphold transparency, inclusivity and fairness, which is why we run our platform on the best technology crypto can offer: the blockchain built using substrate building blocks of Polkadot and its low energy impact.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

There’s been a staggering shift in the way we make payments. The emergence of blockchain technology has changed how many of us live our lives, including those within the gaming community. MicroClash is less than a year old and we believe now is the time to take advantage of opportunities derived from blockchain, to bring new benefits to gamers and developers worldwide.

The company has advanced due to hard work, investment and perseverance. Earlier this year, we successfully completed our Angel Investment fundraising round led by investors in the USA, UK, Gibraltar and Asia. This helped to bolster us in the direction of that vision – raising $550,000 and aiding us in the successful launch of CoinClash Games.

What can we hope to see from MicroClash in the future?

Further investments will follow so we can achieve even more success for MicroClash and its customers. We will continue to expand our reach with an equal focus across all continents and markets by onboarding games and engaging players and communities who would like to play skill games for money.

The possibilities for CoinClash Games are endless and the outstanding support from our early investors showcases that. Users will see an increased selection of skill-based games, and any game that joins our platform will see great benefits. Our 15,000 telegram followers will certainly increase as the platform continues to grow.

We will also continue to carefully monitor our platform’s impact on key Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors, and ensure it does not extensively use resources. To take this one step further, we will also be appointing an ESG specialist in the near future to make sure that ESG stands at the forefront of our company.

At MicroClash, we want to continue proving that gaming is the future and utilising blockchain technology will succour all efforts to achieve this.