Meet Raphaelle Tripet, MD EMEA at Programmatic Advertising Platform: TripleLift

TripleLift is a global advertising company that helps some of the world’s largest publishers to effectively monetise their ad inventory and leading brands to deliver better and impactful ad experiences – in industry terms, we are a supply-side platform (SSP). We’ve evolved from being a native-focused SSP to a truly omnichannel platform with ad exchange capabilities.

We work with large media outlets across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Often these publishers have small programmatic teams that lack the know-how and the resources to fully harness the power of programmatic. That’s where we come in to help.
TripleLift to Sell Majority Stake to Vista Equity Partners for $1.4 Billion

What do you think makes this company unique?

As the market rapidly evolves, so do we. Because of this, I feel like TripleLift’s uniqueness is always developing. What makes us stand out is the fact we can offer publishers and advertisers a true omnichannel solution at scale across multiple regions.

Our multi-offering approach comes with the challenge of being considered for multiple ad budgets. But this means the ability to forge strong relationships with the buy-side is also what differentiates us, which, of course, benefits our publishers.

In addition, our direct relationship with premium publishers also sets us apart. At the core of what TripleLift offers is transparent, optimised media trading; we want brands to have to jump through as few hoops as possible when buying media, which is why we work so closely alongside publishers.

As marketing budgets begin to become stretched, our focus is on enabling more efficient bids and better ad performance for brands, while increasing the amount of ad spend that ends up in the publishers’ pockets.


How has your company evolved?

Essentially, TripleLift has evolved in two ways. Firstly, from a geographical perspective, we have been through an incredible phase of expansion. A few years ago our business focussed almost entirely on North America; since then we have expanded our offering across several regions, in Europe, more recently in the DACH region, and the Asia Pacifics. Around 35% of our staff now operate outside the US, giving us the expertise needed to assist publishers in their local markets.

Secondly, TripleLift has evolved from a product perspective, not only as part of a shift from a native infeed-only specialist to an omnichannel SSP, but also driven by TripleLift’s ambition to keep innovating and investing to deliver better ad experiences. Recently we launched a new video technology that allows for real-time in-show brand insertion. At TripleLift we believe that integrated ad experiences paired with traditional spots is the future of brand-supported television.

What will we see from TripleLift in the future?

We’ll be looking to double down on video and develop our current products into even more sophisticated solutions. Consumers’ attraction to video isn’t slowing down and with ad-supported video-on-demand becoming the industry’s fastest-growing segment, our focus will be on helping publishers and brands deliver positive ad experiences and capitalise on this trend.

At the same time, we will continue to enhance our media + data strategy to bring together our scaled SSP and privacy-centric data capabilities as result of our recent strategic acquisition of data management platform 1plusX. Google may have deferred the end of the third-party cookie once again, but we have been working on our cookieless roadmap since it was first announced.

This has put us ahead of the curve and will ensure that we can offer multiple solutions to publishers and brands when third-party cookies finally disappear.