Meet Rebecca Peach, CEO and Founder at Funeral Comparison and Booking Site: Legacy of Lives

Legacy of Lives is the only free online independent funeral comparison and booking site, we support consumers from start to finish in the journey of planning a funeral. Our goal is to make sure that planning a funeral is as stress-free and simple as it possibly can be.

It is also an important tool for funeral directors to reach new customers and expand their digital footprint without having to invest large sums of money in digital marketing. We know it is difficult to bring years of experience and expertise into the digital world from scratch, but the Legacy of Lives platform helps funeral directors showcase their expertise and services to consumers.
Legacy of lives

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The idea for a free supportive planner to help consumers navigate the process of planning a funeral came to me three years ago when I experienced the loss of my Aunty Kathy.

Myself and her young family were left to plan her funeral with very little idea of what she would have wanted or how to go about arranging the service. The whole ethos of the company is to protect and support consumers at a time of grief and sadness, something that I would have found incredibly useful at the time.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

We launched our first service in January 2022 to offer a way for consumers to prepare and plan their funerals, and make sure that they leave a blueprint of their wishes, contacts and documents. Since then, we have gone through a period of rapid growth and have now expanded to not only offer at need and pre-plan funerals for consumers but also a free independent comparison and funeral booking service.

This means that we now have a network of over 5000 funeral directors from across the UK from which to draw expertise and experience for our customers, supporting them through the entire process.

We have recruited several hugely talented team members over the last couple of months, alongside our experienced investors and board members who are just as passionate as we are about making this service a household name.

Our proudest achievement to date must be our partnership with Marie Curie & Hospice UK. Working with such amazing charities and supporting our users and theirs with our combined knowledge to create a stellar product that really helps palliative care patients and their loved ones.

What can we hope to see from Legacy of Lives in the future?

We hope to make Legacy of Lives the go to tool for funeral planning in the UK & Ireland. Alongside this goal we want to reduce the taboo associated with talking about death and funeral planning. We will be launching a national marketing campaign throughout the UK in Q4 of this year.

We aim to partner with NHS hospitals and Hospices throughout the UK to offer a constructive end-of-life care pack for patients and their loved ones to lean on during this difficult time with information and financial transparency and support.