Meet Richard Chambers, The Founder of Get a Drip: The UK’s Leading IV Vitamin Drip & Shot Provider

In a nutshell, we bring affordable IV vitamin drips and vitamin injections to the masses. Our clinics are based in Shoreditch Boxpark, Canary Wharf, Westfield White City, Dublin and our latest one to open is in Westfield Stratford City and we’ve got plans for lots more.

Since launching, Get A Drip has administered over 35,000 treatments.

Following on from the success of our London clinics, we signed our first Get A Drip franchisee in August 2020 and have since gone on to launch our first International Clinic and are due to sign another 12 franchisees across the globe. Get A Drip offers entrepreneurs and investors an exciting and fast-paced recurring-revenue business model. Franchisees enjoy the luxury of being their own boss, while still receiving a wealth of information, knowledge and support.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I am diabetic and was often in hospital having drips for hydration. IV Drips rebalance the body’s natural vitamin levels, helping to cleanse it of toxins, boost the immune system, replenish energy levels and optimise your day-to-day wellbeing. It is a procedure that is fast-acting and effective because it bypasses the gastrointestinal tract, meaning that 100% of vitamins and nutrients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

I knew I would be onto a winner if I could make them more accessible and change the UK’s narrative around how we take our vitamins. Most Brits are chronically low in Vitamin D and other Vitamin C and most people have no idea what vitamins they need or how much.

It’s easy to say why don’t you just eat better – If only if it was that simple. What you are eating is not the same as 50 years ago, due to over-farming and pollution amongst other issues, a recent study showed 1 orange from 1950 is equivalent to 21 oranges today in terms of nutritional value. And if we consider oral supplementation, the problem here is how much are you actually absorbing into your bloodstream? The majority of oral supplements on the market aren’t good quality and your body struggles to absorb the nutrients needed via your gut from a tablet.

The idea of an IV always felt unattainable to the average person, so I deliberately created a fun and accessible brand and a lower price point to attract everyone! With our prices starting at £30 it’s a no-brainer.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The pandemic was insanely hard, as it was for all businesses. For us, we made the decision not to lose any staff so we reduced everyone’s days and hours and our revenue took a hit. But that felt important to us. Post pandemic it was a slow start when people were tentatively coming back into stores but it really picked up now I’m pleased to say and it feels back to normal. We have definitely seen an improvement in people’s knowledge of vitamins with most people wanting to supplement with Vitamin C and D, which is a move in the right direction.

Part of the reason for launching the GAD shop and the diagnostics was to create a new revenue stream should we go into lockdown again. The team has worked really hard on getting that ready this year so if we are hit again we’re a bit more prepared.

What can we hope to see from Get A Drip in the future?

The future is exciting for us. We’ve launched our diagnostics range which will play a big role in how we service our clients in a more holistic way. Now they can really understand what is happening in their bodies and where the deficiency is on a genetic level and we can recommend the right drip from the results. We are in a real education phase with Get A Drip.

We’re constantly educating people on who we are and what we do and why drips and boosters are an incredibly effective way to stay well. You will soon see us launch our gut testing and blood testing from our clinics too.

That aside we’ve got plans for more clinics to open and the franchise part of the business is exploding! So Get A Drip world domination doesn’t feel too far away!