Meet Ritam Gandhi, Founder and Director at Digital Product Agency: Studio Graphene

Studio Graphene is a digital product agency and delivery partner that specialises in designing and building blank canvas tech products. We take good ideas and pair them with beautiful and efficient design – then transform these into a product ready for market. Our projects have consisted of apps, websites, AR, IoT and more.

The mission of our 120-plus strong team of strategists, designers, engineers and product managers is to help create a world where new digital ideas transform lives. Partnering with clients of all sizes, from startups to global brands, we place a human-centred approach at the heart our work – building usable and accessible designs that will work for their audience.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The inception of Studio Graphene really started in 2014 – at the time, many were talking about new digital product ideas but not doing anything about them. We decided to give it a go and challenge the misconception that innovation was scary, expensive, and slow.

Initially, our work involved building a rock star studio of creatives that could deliver a client’s innovation at a fast pace to a high standard and make sure their ideas were brought to life.

Along the way, we realised design and technology’s role in making the world a better place. Yet this focus on using tech as a force for good required a slightly different approach and potentially a different commercial model. So, we decided to bolt on a capability that we called Impact Edit to offer a more tailored commercial and delivery model to charities and not-for-profit organisations doing good for the world.

Around this time, it became apparent that our clients were not only seeking an outlet to design and build products but needed help through the process of bringing their ideas to life. So, we took our experience having worked with over 150 ventures over the last few years and thought about different ways that people needed funding, various partnerships, and the different external skill sets required – and formulated another bolt-on called Catalyst.

Catalyst focuses on ensuring all interests are aligned with clients, taking our agency’s experience, knowledge and relationships beyond designing and building products and sharing them to help make the ideas we bring to life more successful.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Finding the suitable delivery method for a product is crucial and a challenge we faced at Studio Graphene.

In recent years, we’ve acquired the ability to do a minimum viable product (MVP) development for start-ups all the way through to the development of enterprise applications.

After so much experience with start-ups – we’re now able to not only execute on a brief but have evolved into much more of an advisory position and use our experience to assist clients.

What can we hope to see from Studio Graphene in the future?

I’m confident in saying the next step for our agency is growing the business in other regions of the world outside of London and the UK, in places like the US. That way, we can expand on our original mission of transforming lives with new digital ideas while driving innovation outside of start-ups toward the corporate ecosystem.

It’s also important for businesses to look inwards. In our case, this involves constantly finding new ways to enhance our client delivery by building on more complementary capabilities, such as developing our cloud capabilities – essentially learning lessons from every product or service we build so that the next one is better. This iterative mentality helps ensure that not only are we present and purposeful on every project, but that our people develop alongside the agency organically.


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