Meet Rob Sewell, CEO at Image-Streaming Platform: SmartFrame Technologies

SmartFrame is the world’s first and largest image-streaming platform, and our mission is to change the way in which the world views and publishes images online. Streaming images from one central location, as opposed to uploading them to specific websites, is central to this; we make sure images are easy to share but difficult to steal.

While our platform was conceived to address the multiple issues with image security online, it has evolved beyond this into a proposition that suits the needs of many different types of users, from photographers and content owners to publishers and advertisers.

Our ecosystem allows content owners to protect their images and present them in the best way possible while also being able to monetize them and gather data on their usage. Publishers can embed images for free, keep their audiences engaged, and gain a share of advertising revenues, while advertisers can reach relevant audiences with powerful, contextual advertising in a regulation-compliant way.
SmartFrame | Ideal Presentation, Robust Protection and Easy Monetization

What do you think makes this company unique?

I know of no other company that does what we do, and the patents on our technology would make it very difficult for someone to catch up to where we are today.

Protection of image theft is something that initially drew many people to our platform and is still something many people value – and in an age of misinformation and not knowing what to trust online, it’s arguably more important than ever.

But it’s the fact that our platform unites content owners, publishers and advertisers into a unique ecosystem that serves everyone’s needs – turning the image licensing model on its head, allowing publishers and content owners to generate new revenues, and giving advertisers the opportunity to display their ads prominently, effectively and in compliance with necessary regulations – that makes it unique.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the team has doubled in size over the last couple of years and now stretches across four countries. With expansions in our sales, marketing and development teams, we’ve been able to deliver our technology to a broader range of industries, amplify our message – online and in person through conferences and trade shows – and develop our technology at a faster pace.

We now have over 6 million SmartFrame images online across 30,000 publishers, and with so many cultural and heritage institutions, publishers and a variety of household names using our technology, we’re attracting attention from many others who are really starting to appreciate the benefits of what we offer. It’s been an incredibly exciting time for us.

What can we hope to see from SmartFrame in the future?

As we continue to bring new clients on board, we expect SmartFrames to be displayed across a greater range of websites and for the technology to penetrate into the mainstream.

Alongside this, we’re constantly developing our platform to be even smarter, faster and more intuitive to use. Expect to see great things from us!