Meet Robert Mitchell, CFO at Money Transfer Service: Zepz

Zepz, the operator of cross-border remittance brands WorldRemit and Sendwave, is disrupting digital payments, an industry which has long been dominated by offline legacy players. It is a trusted industry leader which aims to make global digital payments fairer, faster, more secure and more flexible.

We’re active in more than one hundred countries, reaching over 5,000 money transfer corridors including emerging markets with high barriers to entry, and establishing digital connectivity into geographies that had previously been underserved. Our ethos is truly understanding migrant needs and creating viable solutions for them. That’s why Zepz’s rates are typically 2-3% less than most major banks would charge for smaller transactions which provides our users with substantial savings.

Our platforms have facilitated money movement that has allowed children to continue their education, sick and injured people receive medical treatment and on a recurring, regular basis, allow people to pay their daily expenses. In cases of extreme poverty, these payments can often be relied upon as an integral source of income for families. At a macro level, the money sent bolsters the economy of each country.
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What do you think makes this company unique?

The diversity of our employees has been of huge importance to our success and we pride ourselves on our team of people from different cultural and professional backgrounds. With 1000+ employees around the world, there are more than 30 nationalities in our London headquarters alone. We also have regional hubs around the world – in the Philippines, the United States, Nigeria, Poland and Cameroon.

Not only this, but we are uniquely situated within the industry as a company that was founded by a migrant. Ismail’s vision and mission still lies deeply rooted as the north star for our teams globally and we actively work to provide solutions that match the changing needs of this community in our daily work.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

We recently announced a 67% revenue growth in 2021, which followed a number of key milestones for the business including the acquisition of leading remittance brand, Sendwave, in February 2021. More recently, the Zepz Group completed a $292M Series E fundraise in August 2021 which allowed us to invest in our technology, platform and customer proposition.

In addition to that, the WorldRemit brand has focused on market expansion and strategic partnerships to offer better services to more people globally.

What can we hope to see from Zepz in the future?

Zepz is on an exciting growth trajectory, powered by its highly-skilled team. The future is looking bright as we deploy greater levels of investment into our platform and explore strategic M&A , both aimed towards enhancing our customer value proposition and at the same time allowing us to become an even bigger player in the space.

Our excellent team is working alongside the board, the longstanding group of investors and partners, and the leadership team to create a path for dynamic growth that further establishes Zepz as a leader in the remittance industry which is estimated to reach $1,227.22 billion by 2030.