Meet Robert Podlesni, CPO at SaaS Payment Orchestration And Optimization Platform: Revolv3

Robert Podlesni

Founded in 2020, Revolv3 is a full stack SaaS payment orchestration and optimization platform for subscription billing utilizing adaptive technology to deliver the industry’s highest credit card acceptance rates. Our seamless integration enables merchants to instantly achieve transformational revenue growth and superior customer retention at the lowest cost in the industry.

We support our clients in achieving a frictionless transaction approval process. Since we want to reduce card processing fees for our clients, they only pay for successful transactions. This unparalleled approach we take in card processing makes us the only recurring billing platform that is solely focused on payment orchestration and optimization.

The common thread in the subscription billing industry is that merchants don’t have time or resources to focus on improving their recurring billing payment capture. That’s why we developed an easy to use platform that does the work for our clients.


What do you think makes Revolv3 unique?

It goes without saying, our platform is the only solution in the market that’s built to optimize the credit card approval process on the first pass. Revolv3 was architected on issuing and acquiring bank and payment processor rules and utilizes machine learning to deliver the highest approval rates in the market – effectively solving false declines before they happen.

To reiterate, we only charge for approved transactions – it’s the market norm to charge platform & transactional fees plus a percentage of revenue on every payment attempt, whether the transactions are approved or not. As you can imagine, this results in great expenses for businesses investing in these services. Revolv3 wants to change this by helping subscription billing businesses save resources spent on transaction processing.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

We’re pleased to say that Revolv3 has had two very successful funding rounds, raising a total of $6.5m! This has helped accelerate our product roadmap, grow our team, and expand our offering. We recently completed integration for our partner, Adyen Payfac, to offer our pipeline of merchants the best in class payment processing solution.

We’ve been fortunate to achieve great market strides since 2020, I believe this is because our services are tailored to the true needs of our customers and our team is hands-on when it comes to service optimization.

What can we hope to see from Revolv3 in the future?

Utilizing our years of experience in this industry we have developed a product roadmap that promises to continue to disrupt the payment processing industry and ecosystem through innovation and breakthrough creativity.

We’ve already presented our clients with a simpler and more agile way of going about payment orchestration and optimization and we don’t plan to slow down on the strides we’ve made thus far to revamp the way payment processing is handled. You can follow us on LinkedIn and/or subscribe to our blog to stay up to date with more exciting news we have coming soon.