Meet Robin Röhm, CEO and Co-Founder at Apheris: The Platform For Building Collaborative Data Ecosystems

Apheris is a platform for creating collaborative data ecosystems. The platform enables multiple organisations to extract value from each other’s decentralised data sets, without changing the data’s location or sharing it.

This helps companies to innovate faster, build new data applications and unlock entirely new data insights, while keeping control over their data, protecting their IP and addressing the regulatory, technical and commercial challenges that sharing data entails.

Organisations are sitting on terabytes of data that only they can access. The next wave of innovation in analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to solve the world’s biggest problems will only be made possible by unlocking that data and providing a unified view to facilitate accurate decisions and drive efficient action.

Apheris has built a secure infrastructure that allows for complete flexibility over privacy (who uses the data, how, and when), governance, and integration, which means it can be adapted for any use case.


What do you think makes this company unique?

With the Apheris platform, the data never actually moves from the owner’s secure environment. Instead, Apheris enables a decentralised ‘federated’ approach, allowing both parties to have complete control over data governance and in turn ensuring security, privacy, and IP protection. It does this while offering a standardised, ‘universally accessible’ interface so data scientists can use their preferred tools, language, and infrastructure.

Our other unique element is our culture. The Apheris team has from the very beginning been united in its purpose, values and mission to support businesses sustainably and efficiently collaborate, in order to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges. Having this level of dedication to a purpose from the very inception of a company is not common, and we are very proud to have it at Apheris.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Apheris was established in 2019 to tackle problems the founders encountered in their work as data scientists. We raised a €2.5 million seed round in August 2020, which we used to develop the platform and officially launch our product earlier this year.

Since we started, the Apheris team has grown to more than 30 best-in-class specialists who are united in their mission to unlock the power of data in use cases that have significant positive impact on the planet – from sustainable manufacturing to curing disease.

We already work with the world’s biggest data owners and major enterprise customers including BASF, Boston Consulting Group, BMW Group and JLABS – Johnson & Johnson’s innovation division. We support advances in disease understanding through a disease-specific data ecosystem in pharma and healthcare, and have driven alignment of quality control systems to reduce carbon emissions in a collaborative data ecosystem along the manufacturing value chain.

What can we hope to see from Apheris in the future?

The events of the last few years have shown us that the world’s largest problems require collaborative efforts to solve because no one organisation has all the data required to address those challenges. Access to the right data should not be the limiting factor to finding solutions and accelerating innovation.

This is why Apheris will break down the barriers for organisations to create connections that give a commercial incentive for both data providers and data consumers to collaborate and solve humanity’s biggest challenges.